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piezo system

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    She should be out in the next few months. They managed a great combination of all I love in Ibanez guitars. Only regret: price is announced around 2500€. Hope you will enjoy: http://www.guitaretv.com/test-de-la-guitare-ibanez-patrick-rondat-signature-prm1x-video-56.html So what do you think...
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    This arrived on my doorstep yesterday. This thing is absolutely gorgeous, and I can barely say it's used as it was apparently only out of the store for a few hours before being returned and then going to me. So without further babbling, pics of my new baby :cool:
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
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    any sig musicman kills any ibanez but wat are some more opinions??
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    Hi! The piezo system in my 1820X has been working beautifully for the last year and a half, now I've discovered the low E string has a problem.... The string is only about half the volume of the rest, and is quite distorted. No good :( ... From looking at wiring diagrams and the actual guitar...
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    I thought about building a tremolo-equipped 7-string as my first guitar-project. This leaves me wondering which tremolo is best in terms of tuning-stability under use as a first priority, and as a second priority; has a delicate arm-action which allows easy dipping without going out of tune when...
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    http://www.ibanez.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1959&PN=0&TPN=1 Amazingly beautiful, but the piezo is crazy! I guess they were lazy to do it right.
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    PRS's most popular semi-hollow instrument, the McCarty Hollowbody II, offers solid mahogany rims and a solid, deeply carved figured maple top and back. Features include abalone bird inlays, gorgeous flamed 10 top and back, PRS adjustable PRS stoptail bridge and PRS/LR Baggs Piezo System. This is...
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    Yay, it's here! But first, back a few weeks. I decided to enter the Jemsite competition mostly because I had some cash laying on my PayPal account, and thought that a 1/25 chance is just good enough to give it a shot. During the couple of weeks of waiting before the winner was decided, I...
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    how would you make your Ibanez?
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    So just how rare is the RG 2027x? I've wanted one for a long time but after not seeing any for awhile I bought an EB/MM JP7 and played it a couple of years. I happened to pick up an S7420FM and realized how badly I missed the feel of Ibanez and I've kind of refallen in love with them. Where...
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    This is a beautiful instrument and quite hard to come by. She has an active piezo system which can be greatly equalized with the two lower knobs. Made in Japan, of course. Serial number is: F99 40146 Guitar is in Excellent condition with only a few minor scratches but is missing a tiny plastic...
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    I'm contemplating a couple different options for a Stratocaster. (non Fender) I'm not 100% on a Fender. My ideal is the G&L Comanche, noone has them in stock around here as the one I want is around 1500 discounted, 2200 list. My other alternative is assemble my own out of parts from Warmoth...
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    Hooray. Piezo and the pickups with controls.
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    I have wanted an LNG for years, every time one comes up on e-bay (UK) it’s either battered or I am skint. After seeing JJ0398’s custom LNG this has got me (and lots more probably) thinking about doing the same sort of thing. I think this would suit me as I would probably be scared to play a...
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    I checked out a Music Man Petrucci today. I thought it played a lot like an Ibanez, feel wise. The neck felt good. Now to the bad: The frets stuck out of the side of the fretboard ever so slighty but enough to feel them. There was also fret glue around the frets on the fretboard. I was not that...
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    Does anyone have experiences with a Floyd Rose + Piezo on an Ibanez guitar? Is it possible to install later? Thanks, marko
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    Hi I am planning to get my first Ibanez J-Custom RG8520 Does anyone have experience with this guitar? The one i am planning to get has 4 volume/tone controls and a 3-way toggle switch. I have seen some RG8520 with only 2 volume/tone controls and 5-way switch. Whats the difference betweent those...
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    Hi all, check out my new trove, it's a 2001 RG520X with Double EDGE system, finished in GK = Galaxy Black. The weird thing is, I simply cannot find it in any catalog, and I have both the European and the US catalogs of 2001 and it's nowhere. However, a German guitar magazine published a review...
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    Here is the question! What is going to be your next guitar at your current financial status (one guitar)? And... What would be you next guitar if money was not an issue (one guitar)? I'll start off, current = 7 string Ibanez 7321. Money not an issue = DNA or a special ordered SC PRS.