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pink case
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    Original pink lined Ibanez HSC. Outside is in great condition - material on corners has some wear and tear but overall pretty clean. Inside is in even better condition - nice and bright with no fading. $200 + shipping (or local pickup if you're in the Philly area).
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    Greets. Up for grabs one extremely nice PMC (purple multicolour). Nice swirl and great flamed maple fretboard. Plays like butter. Original pink interior Ibanez case comes along, too! All screws for the pickguard are in my possession as well as trem arm. Couple of things worth mentioning: - two...
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    Selling an extra Jem1000C Pink Lined Case. This is the right case to go along with late '80's Jems. Decent condition, has some scuffs, tears and scratches but I've seen worse. All latches work, the combination lock grips when closed but just barely and I'm not sure if the combination lock really...
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    Hi guys I have a 91 Jem 777DY with original pink lined case that I have had for a few years. I have grown fond over the BFP's and RB's. I am looking to trade it for another Jem BFP or a Root Beer! Let me know if anyone is interested and I can send pics on request. shoot me an e-mail @...
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    I search for 2 Ibanez pink case.... Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results