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    MMMMMM what a tasty tune! Joe hasn't ever topped Crystal Planet in my opinion... amazing album from start to finish. Playing my swirled Ibanez RG470 here with the Dimarzio Super II in the bridge. Awesome pickup! VERY bright and tight, perfect for a dark or woofy guitar. Enjoy!
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    Hi all. I am working in a LTD Eclipse EC1000 with some ruined tuners. I'm thinking about buying Sperzels or Planet Waves locking tuners but I'm not sure about which one would fit better the headstock holes. Any idea?? Thank you.
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    Hi I've got one of these sets for sale: http://www.classical-guitars-plus.co.uk/productfamily.php/family__591__Planet%20Waves%20Humidity%20Kit%20Humidity-Temp%20Sensor%20%2B%20Guitar%20Humidifier Still boxed, never used. So brand new basically! Please note that the one I have is the newer...
1-3 of 3 Results