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    Hi guys! I'm joining an italian contest by a popular guitarist website named MusicOff. This is my own video for the contest, playing a splendid Ibanez S1625. Check it and "If You Like It, Like!" Laney & Mattias Eklundh Competition 2013 - fabiophonic
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    ok guys i need new guitar for new music... so i'm saving money for a good 8string! and i also need your opinion about my choice... please tell me what 8string you'll chose if you got enough money... feel free to comment other ideas!
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    i don't know if that poll already exist but anw....i'm saving money to replace my old amp with, off-course, a monster head for extremely low distotion (for my baritone sevenstring) so i need your opinion about my choice! feel free to comment about your own amp or what do you thing! cheers...
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    ok...so, what do you think about these sites?
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    Be sure to check it out, if you haven't already: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/PGM20/list.html So which one did you vote for? :) I voted PGM200. It's cool with the HHH configuration and all. Myst
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    Jem owners: did you buy your Jem primarily as a working instrument, or primarily as a collectible instrument? And if you gig with it, do you play primarily Vai influenced music, or something reasonably stylistically removed from Vai? Just idle curiosity: A lot of people buying Jems, but what...