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pre amp
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    anyone know a 'good' pre amp for my sm57 dynamic mic? have no idea what to get, no budget, just one thats easy to use
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    No issues with this at all. I think it was dated 1988 or 89, I'd have to open it up to be sure, but I know the serial number is SP446, super low number. Works and sounds fabulous. I have a Mesa Quad, so really no need for this anylonger. I may also be selling the Quad too, but we'll save...
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    I've been looking around at some tubed power amps like the Marshall 100/100 and Peavy 60/60. I'm kind of new to power amps and have a few questions. If I have one I need a pre amp, correct? If so what are some good pre amps that are cheap? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results