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    Well, I was using the Stealth Pedal (IK Multimedia) as an interface, and then it no longer was supported. Then I turned to the Line 6 Tone Port UX8, and although those drivers worked (in Windows 10), I never could get it to record to simultaneous tracks, although there are eight line inputs. And...
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    For Sale or Trade - Presonus StudioLive RML32AI Used for one Church Gospel show. Studio is more important at the moment with no upcoming events on the horizon. I would like to sell for 1475.00 +shipping or trade for something of equal value. Only shipping to lower 48 states and buyer must be...
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    Bought a Audiobox 2 USB today, super stoked to be able to write in my dorm room at college (not allowed to have an amp :( ) So, is there anyone who uses Studio One over Garageband? I think I'm gonna try to use it...but I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to my way around a DAW. So, for...
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    I have Studio One Pro and I love it, but I've never had the chance to sit down and play with other DAWs, so IDK how it compares. I was wondering if anyone else here had experience with it, and what your opinions were on it. Thanks!
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    Wanting to trade my SM57 for a TU-2. I really need a pedal tuner. A Pitchblack would be cool too. Audiobox USB, as far as trades... would really like any combination of these: Small Stone (US or Russian), PH-2, some sort of Boss Digital Delay, TS-9... pretty much anything, make an offer. No...
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    this is geared more for the recording side of things and less of the guitar side... looking mainly for some dbx comps like the 160x and 166(any variation). TNC pres, GAP pre-73's, CL pres or comps, ART VLA Pro 2, RNC, RNLA, even a couple of cool mics like the TNC ACM-1200, apex 460, MD421...
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    Firebox in like new condition. Located in Orlando, FL local pickup only $140. Will ship if buyer pays shipping! For pics: http://orlando.craigslist.org/msg/1449497760.html
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    selling: presonus tubepre: $85+shipping and fees aphex 107: $150+shipping and fees focusrite trakmaster pro: $250+shipping and fees. all 3 for $400+shipping and fees. trying to get a couple of neve clones, so these gotta go. rich
1-8 of 8 Results