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pyramid inlay

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    Making a JEM pyramid inlay fretboard with the colour inlays made of paper - as the original. I'm having difficulties to get a clean result, though, with the edges of the paper pieces getting wet from the epoxy before it hardens and when it's all set it remains looking like paper with wet edges...
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    i just want to sell one of the custom necks i have.. it is brand new never used custom neck with pyramid inlays. it has 5 piece maple/ebony neck (really thick ebony wood for strength), the headstock is tilted a little bit for sustain, plastic pyramid inlays and that's about it!! accepts old ibby...
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    Bargain of the century ! well used GMC body - an ibanez original, filled mid pickup route that can be seen through the paint and a fair few chips and dings- has large ibanez routes and needs pickup rings. the neck is made by me and is brand new, its maple and purpleheart with ebony board and...
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    So I have a 1989 jem777sk. The guitar has been extremely altered and the neck has been damaged beyond repair. I want to replace the neck but because of the shape of the guitar, I'm not concerned with keeping anything original. My question for everyone is should I buy a jem neck, from rich...
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    So much excitement today. Seeing new swirls always make my day it's even better when its yours. =) Here it is the BMC or the other name the Blue Demon. I'm so in a good mood and feeling happy
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    Looking for either - condition negotiable. Will pay cash.
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    I have been a fan of Steve Vai from when i saw him in the movie crossroads. I have owned a black Jem with the pyramid inlays, but I sold it which is a bummer when i look back on it. I would love to get a Jem77fp one day.I have been playing for about 24 years.
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    Im pretty sure its an MKR due to the colouring. But as of about a year ago im the new owner of it...bought of ****. All i knew at the time of buying it was it was in "good condition". After picking her up, I realised I had something quite special...unfortunately.. lol It still had the original...
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    As stated buying custom ibanez swirls with maple fingerboard with pyramid inlays. Body should be Alder or Mahogany. Looking for high grade guitars ty..
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    want to buy a 777 desert yellow with pyramid inlays. let me know. thanks guys.
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    I need your help on my colours help me guys out here . post any colours which rocks with MOP pickguard post any swirls which is unique
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    Gday all Just want to start a thread for a new direction in building my dream custom jem777NB (neon Blue) Its what a blue Jem should have always been like..... Etguitars are painting the body and redoing an old rg550 DY neck with pyramid inlays and changing the color of the headstock to NB...
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    Yep, i admit i'm addicted to that rush. So, i've made 3 GMC swirls: The left and the right are made for customers, and the center swirl is MINE ;) So, today i'll show you pics of my baby: The challenge personally was to get rid of the washed green colors and not revealing the white...
  15. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Gday all I won this ibanez body on the bay with a fun bit of artwork on it as you can see. I need someone to help with what I need to set it up for playing. I have a spare Rg550 DY neck with pyramid inlays being installed right now by ET-guitars, and I will buy Dimarzios, maybe in yellow...
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    Gday all I have this awesome Steve vai Jem 777 poster. I have shared this in the past with jemsite, but then I came to realise that there was a jem in the photo that is not on any website i have seen. Someone tell me if they have ever seen this jem in person I assume its the exact same...
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    At last it is finished, and it came out sweet!!! I just had to share my excitement... Please let me know what you guys think.... It is not only candy for the eye, it sounds amazing too!!! One of, if not the best playing and sounding guitars that I now own.
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    I am building a custom RG with a candy apple red finish that will have a black fingerboard and chrome hardware, and I am going to do the pyramid inlays. Any suggestions for the colors of the pyramids? I was thinking maybe white pearloid dissapearing to mirror red. Thanks!!
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    Hi all I got a spare Rg550 DY neck, and id love to put the pyramid inlays into it. Maybe new frets also. Where would I go to get that done. I know im in Australia, so id say that id have to send it somewhere OS any ideas would be great
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    I used a body I got off the bay, already painted. I have a local guy do the clear coating and shielding if the body cavities. He did a fantastic job! Next I ordered some custom pickups from DiMarzio. They are De-Activator-X humbuckers and an Air Norton single coil. I bought an early 90's RG 470...