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    Hi folks! I'm requesting your help to identify a mysterious Ibanez RG Prestige. From the serial number...it looks to be from 2004. Also the guitar is straight from Japan and located in Japan!
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    This guitar is dead mint, plastic is still on the back of the gotoh tuners! Top is absolutely sick and guitar sounds fantastic but just not my thing. Specs: Construction Neck-Thru Scale25.5" Body Mahogany Top Quilted Maple Neck3Pc Maple Fingerboard Ebony Fingerboard Radius305mm Finish Tiger Eye...
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    Recently I bought a new ride off the 'Bay: a circa 2002-ish Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP with a trans-black-quilt deck. She's in dead mint - I'm talking shipping plastic still on the 'tronics covers, no dings, no scratches, not even a finger print on the finish mint - condition and plays like an...
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    Hah, talk about alphabet soup! Looks - Looks great, pictures actually do a pretty good representation of the guitar. It looks better in real life, but doesn't everything? Feel - is good...I think the back of the neck could be "faster" but the neck is super comfortable. I spent the better part...
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    Who sells a Vandenberg? Please offer everything you have, also parts. Best Regards!
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    then he reply's to my post with. . . . i guess your buying one old man!! i know theyve been talked about a bit here but one of the guys on sevenstring(.)org just got 2 of them because hes endorsed. yep, no photoshop, no LACS, no custom build. they actually exist now. thank you Ibanez...
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    Looking for a Gibson Les Paul Custom. Prefer a 68 Reissue with some kind of flame or quilt top, or maybe a tri-burst. Will consider other Gibson Les Paul Customs too. I am looking to buy or possibly trade. I will add a trade list after I take some inventory. Until then, hit me up with what...
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    Original 1997 Ibanez RG1822 J Custom After £980 inc postage. Beautiful guitar, the top really is comparable to a 10top PRS when you see it, I cant get pictures that do it justice. It really is a beautiful guitar. Its basically built like a Jem, but with more versatile hardware. Either way...
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    For Sale in an RG 320 DX QM in great condition. Quilt top & pretty nice guitar for the money. Its a made in Korea model(not indonesia). Shark tooth neck is looks and feels really nice, and it sounds darn good. Includes trem bar and a basic gig bag(may not be the one pictured) Only $200...
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1-10 of 10 Results