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reb beach rbm voyager
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    For Sale an Ibanez Reb Beach RBM 400SOL Made in Japan in 1994. The original neck was broken so i replace it with an Ibanez Radius R470 Made in Japan 1993 neck that fits like a glove. If you check the 1993 Ibanez catalog, you will see that the Reb Beach RBM1 and the Radius R470 had the same neck...
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    Hey, I have a black Reb Beach Voyager circa 1991 for trade. It's got a Tone Zone in the bridge and original Edge trem. Green DiMarzio straplocks. Green bobbin toppers, currently, but those are easily peeled off. it frets out at the 16th fret, so that's something that needs fixing. also the...
1-2 of 2 Results