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reverse headstock
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    I am seeing if anyone on here has one of these or knows someone who has one of these necks to sell. It's a neck with a reverse head, and I need it to have the shark tooth frets. I also need it to be made for a Floyd Rose locking nut. I am building my dream guitar, the one that Alex Skolnick...
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    For sale Ibanez Prestige RGR 652 AHB $1200 plus $60 shipping I upgraded the pickups to Dimarzio Evolution in the Neck and bridge Super Wizard HP 5piece Maple/Walnut neck Ash Body Bound Rosewood fretboard w/ white dot inly Jumbo Frets w/Prestige Fret edge treatment Edge Tremolo bridge Dimarzio...
  3. Ibanez Rg565 1991

    Reverse Headstock!
  4. Ibanez 1991 Rg 565 And Rg 770

    100% original - my two favorite RG's
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    Ok, the problem is this... I have a RGR570FLB, as the model number suggests, it's a reverse headstock 570 in Blue Metal Flake. Anyway, I was thinking about adding some cool mods to it: Blue knobs, blue pickup covers and some blue DR strings. Well, I tried to remove the tone knob, thinking that...
  6. Polls
    Simple enough question. Would you buy, say, a Desert Yellow/Road Flare Red/Lazer Blue/Shocking Pink Ibanez RG? I'm talking brand new, not a second hand one from an auction site. Let's imagine that Ibanez reintroduced the colours from the days when the original Jems and RG550's were released.
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    allright so this guy i know has a brand new 06 iabnez guitar he says is a promotional guitar that they didnt make many of and he wants to sell it to me. and its like a grey, with all grey stuff and reverse headstock. i found the exact guitar on the evil-bay 7418835969, if you wanna see pictures...
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    Fender squire stagemaster neck thru. 24 frets floyd rose reverse headstock. £160 shipped.
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    Can anyone recommend a good guitar builder in the UK? I need someone who can closely copy Ibanez neck and body specs.
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    Haven't found any proof of the existence of a 570 with reversed headstock. Anyone knows what it could be?
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    Looking for a wizard II with a reverse headstock-AANJ, or a lefty with a normal block heal that i can modify. Not looking for a high end neck because it's only going on an S370. Hoping to get one rather cheap. Hook me up [email protected]
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    I was looking at pics of Between the Buried and Me on returntothepit.com and I found some cool pics of Paul's and Dusty's custom Ibanezes. Here's Dusty's: http://returntothepit.com/media.php?id=252195&date=mainstage&pic=between_the_buried_and_me006.jpg Here's Paul's...
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    Hi... I need to sell my PGM301. I don't play it at all and I want to trade it in for another guitar. I was wondering what should I want for it, it's mint, only been played like 15 times, there is a small like 1mm crack in the paint at one spot but other then that it's flawless. It looks like...
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    I have recently purchased an RG270R (I know it's pretty lowly :( ) I was told that the R meant reverse headstock but mine doesn't have a reverse headstock (tuners are on LHS as you look at it face on) so what does it actually mean?
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    I like having a hardtail in addition to my Jem but I miss that in between Strat sound. I am using the "Paul Reed" Wiring with the two humbuckers but I still hear a small difference when playing clean solos. It gets a very good Strat sound for clean stuff but it sounds a little bright when it's...
1-20 of 270 Results