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    found a guy on ebay who makes custom engraved truss rod covers for the current ibanezs' without the string retainer. It was $14.99 + shipping and the amazing thing is I got in 3 days!! the only thing wrong with it is the bottom of the cover isn't angled like the stock covers, but i took a nail...
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    Hey guys, i'm hopefully (probably) going to get a new RG 1550m in phantom blue soon and the stock pick ups are not great, so i was thinking of changing them for Dimarzio Crunch Lab (B) and Liquifire (N). I'll keep the single coil stock. I'm not sure though, what do you guys think? Ryan.
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    hi, my name is omar siregar, i'm from medan indonesia.. this is my first post my ibanez guitar are JS1200 CA, RG 1550 LTD silversand, SAS32 FM TL..
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    FS- Original made in Japan (2003) Ibanez RG1550BK Prestige body (basswood body) plus pickguard loaded with the electronics and two green/pink Gotoh humbuckers pickups, green Ibanez S1 single pickup and green and pink knobs plus yellow switch tip. Asking 150 euros for everything or 100 euros...
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    Hi im selling my MINT Ibanez, it comes with a few mods that i had professionally done by a friend who happens to be an amazing guitar tech. Specs and Mods Pickups- Dimarzio Air Norton Neck and Dimarzio Tone Zone Bridge Neck - Triple Maple Wizard Neck, Refinished with Tung Oil for a smoother...
1-5 of 5 Results