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    New guy but I've been a big Ibanez fan/owner for 25 years.I Currently have an RG3120 Prestige(Twilight Blue),RT450,and RT150 in the rotation.I've been gigging,teaching guitar,and been in guitar sales and repairs since the early 90's.Thanks for having me.
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    The high e string on my RG3120 is much closer to edge of the frets than the low e string causing the string slip off the fretboard with even the smallest amount of vibrato or slight mis-fret. This has driven me to the point where I've considered selling the guitar because it is so frustrating...
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    So I had to admit I've bought a lot of stuff on ebay and here on Jemsite for the past years, so I was looking around in drawers and boxes and found enough parts to assemble a complete awesome guitar. Just had to make a middle single coil first. (long live the madness) Body: RG3120 Neck: JPM...
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    Has anyone else got a 3120 TW that is green? I've read of one guy over the whole internet that had his more green than blue.. But mine is totally green! Is it a normal variation? Maybe it took too much sun? I just got it, so I wouldn't know... By the way, the old owner kept every single...
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    A few months ago I made a trade plus cash with a friend for my minty 3120. He ended up using the neck, nut, tuners and Lo Pro on a single hum Ibanez project. I did not get the cash portion of the deal up front, so when he did not pay, he offered to return the case, body loaded with the pickups...
  6. Pickups & wiring
    Anyone know where a diagram is located that shows pickup positions on the 3120. I know I saw one awhile back. I tried the seach function, but was unable to find anything.
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    Ibanez RG3120 Prestige with case and tremolo bar. $750 shipped to CONUS only. Check my **** feedback texas_country_realtor. Great condition. Frets very good, no cracks but one small paint chip in the back. 2003 Model Mahogany body Maple top Seymour Duncan Air Norton Neck PU Seymour Duncan...
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    I am looking for a used RG3120. Condition not that important, it will be played regularly. Please message me if you have one!
1-8 of 8 Results