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    So I just started building my first Ibanez guitar. It's a Korean made RG320FM from 2003. Right now it's just a body. I have been looking into neck options, and had a few questions concerning compatibility. Can I put a MIJ neck on this body if I dowel and re-drill the holes? Will a custom...
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    Hi everyone, I am looking for an rg 320 lefty neck that will fit a early to mid 90's model, can't find one anywhere.
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    ok so i have a guitar foundly nicknamed MONEYPIT. it is a rg 320fm black. ive sunk a bunch of money into it, 2 different sets of dimarzios, a mirror pickguard, new headstock decal, knobs & switch, and i recently scalloped 21-24. needless to say its my project guitar. it is the cheapest one i own...
1-3 of 3 Results