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    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2010 Ibanez RG1421FMBB Modifications: None Accessories: Would ship in my Ibanez hard case.* Location: Northampton, PA International OK?: Not really… Contact Info: PM me or reply to thread.* References: Feedback on here* Price: $650 shipped OBO...
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    Wanting to switch out the stock pups in my RF1421F and this set has been highly recommended by a few fellow Jemsters. So I figured why not give 'em a shot.
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    10th Anniversay Prestige RG1421FMBB with DiMarzio Air Norton / Tone Zone pickups installed (originals included in case). I bought this from Rich at Ibanez Rules and got his famed Platinum package so the frets are absolutely amazing! This guitar is in like-new condition. It never left my...
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    Woops...so I have posted a few already, must have overlooked this section...sorry :) I am from Indiana, and I currently play an Ibanez Prestige RG1421F through a Peavey Valveking 100 halfstack. It is my first Prestige, and I love every bit of playing it. I also play some bass, and I have an ESP...
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    I've been searching to find some pickup covers to match the hardware (I'm assuming it's black nickel) on my RG1421F and can not seem to find anything even on the internet. Can anyone help? Well collectively you all know everything so I'm sure someone can. Thanks!!!
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    Hey thought I would introduce myself after having browsed for a few days. I picked up my first Ibanez Prestige last week. It makes me sick to know I have played guitar this long on something other than a Prestige neck! I brought back my Ibanez S420 (not a fan of the ball-bearing based...
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    As most of you already now I recently purchased an RG1421F not to long ago and I have a question about the pups. As of now I still have the stock V6's and I was wondering what would be an appropriate height for each pup for a good solid hard rock/metal sound. I use the bridge for the dirty and...
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    I have a FLAWLESS RG1421FMBB that I hate to sell but the neck is just too thin for me these days. I bought it from Rich at IbanezRules.com and got his famed Platinum package. The neck and frets on this guitar are phenomenal. I can't stress Rich's work enough! It also has DiMarzio Air Norton...
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    My new RG1421F gets to see it's first stage tonight. Wish me luck!!!
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    I just bought one of these amazing guitars but I've have a question. I read online that another person who purchased one of these said that since this is a very limited edition guitar his was numbered on the back of the headstock but mine isn't, and it also doesn't say Team J-Craft but came with...
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    I'm pleased to say that my RG1421F arrived today and couldn't be happier. I ordered it from Rich and had new pickups installed (Air Norton / Tone Zone) in addition to his usual magic. First Impressions: The neck is amazing! It has a better "feel" than the older Ibanez's I've owned (although...
1-11 of 11 Results