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    I'd been watching craigslist for the past month for a new Ibby and kept seeing the same RG350MDX reposted every couple of days. Bad pictures and poorly marketed with little discription. In a nutshell the guy gave the name of the guitar and that he had the pickups changed. His price went from...
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    Fully functional Ibanez RG in great condition, missing truss rod cover and the backplate.There are no paint chips or dents (only a few light scratches on the clear coat). The bridge pickup has been upgraded to green dimarzio PAF Pro. It comes with the Ibanez hardshell case (with 2 small cracks...
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    Does anyone know if these are actual inlays?? Or is it painted on?
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    Perfect condition no dings or scratches at all....Im not a fan of the Edge III but this one for some reason stays in tune perfectly...knife edges must be sharp still.... Looking for 300+Shipping to the US New Pickups and a Floyd and your good to go...:D...
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    What about the structure/schematics of the Edge III make it so unreliable and such a unstable trem, and what makes the original edge/lo pro so much better they look the same except for saddles....?????
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    Is this guitar any good? I noticed that the middle pickup is much lower than the guitar center ibanez rg4exfm1 and the rg5ex1. How does this guitar stack up againist the rest? I already have an ibanez s320 and love to play that. I need a backup guitar and a friend suggested the rg350mdx. ibane
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    Hello jem forum, I currently own a Ibanez RG350MDX that about it really.
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    Yeah, so after saving for a while I bought myself a new guitar :D And a sorta review type thing. I had to ordered it off the internet, which made me a little worried. But, when I got it, it was perfectly set-up and played wonderfully. I don't understand why the Edge III gets so much flak. I...
  10. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Just got one, I'm going to change the pickups and upgrade the bridge but I'm pleasantly surprised with the maple neck and fingerboard... ...of course its nothing compared to my 7vh but still its pretty good for the price
1-10 of 10 Results