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    Got this Ibanez RG a few months ago from UNKLPUNK here. Was waiting to get the pickguard changed into the black 3-ply before I did any NGD. Here are some pics I took earlier and after the swap... This guitar is somewhat of a dream guitar as white is my favourite color along with orange...
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    I almost missed this Ibanez RG3250 FOR. But pics first In fact I asked a different seller for another guitar initially. The color on that is somewhat similar to this, but I never saw it in person so I actually can't tell.... As I was waiting for that guitar to arrive, being very...
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    I tried a 1570 that I didn't really like but I've been looking at the 3550mz. Right now I have an Edwards alexi laiho and while it's the best guitar I've ever played I need something more versatile so I'm selling that one. I like really low action on my guitars and I'm wondering if the 3550mz is...
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    I sold my mint ruby red 770 to a happy jemsiter earlier and now it's time for the other two to go. RG770FM-BS is all stock, NO hairline neck pocket cracks, body/ finish MINT, tarnished knobs, minimal tarnish on bridge, frets with minimal wear, all stock! Freshen up knobs and trem bridge and you...
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    Hello Everyone:) Been a while since I have been on. Just got this....Love it! Have a question though.....The EZ stud on the bass side is really hard to turn. I checked for the lock stud but after using every allen wrench known to man there is nothing to turn. I am going to take it apart on the...
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    NGD! Ibanez RG3550MZ GK (now with photos!) Just purchased a used Ibanez RG 3550MZ in Galaxy Black from the local Long and McQuade (after waiting 2 months for an S5470F RVK that the North American distributor never got...). Great guitar! Body: RG (basswood) Fretboard: 24 frets, maple Neck: 3...
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    Been playing it for a few days. It almost plays itself.. quite a difference from my strats and LP. The neck is really fast. The attention to detail, I gotta say is equivalent to my R7 at minimum. It feels like a precision instrument as opposed to a chunk of wood with strings on it. I know...
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    Hi. Id like to buy a used, stock RG3550MZ in White or Orange. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Bill
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    Practically new. No dings, chips, pickmarks, etc. Great setup and it does play and sound remarkable. Nice Galaxy White finish with metallic flakes. Original style wizard neck (IMO, it's best feature). Pics below specs. SPECS Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut Neck Type: Super Wizard Prestige...
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    Hey there guys I'm new to the site and a new Ibanez owner. I just ordered my new RG 3550mz from *************** and I can't wait to get.
  11. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    i'm looking at the '09 european catalog and european websites, but all i see is the lack of the 3550 and 3570. am i seeing good? RG3570ZCA Prestige RG3550MZROM Prestige
1-11 of 11 Results