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    Hi guys, I have a chance to buy what is advertised as an RG570 but I am thinking it is a 470. It looks like the new penny finish meaning it is a 470 if I am not mistaken. Serial number is F0037612. Looks like Fuji-Gen made in 2000, but no model is listed. Also, if it is a 470, what is the...
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    Alright. I had this one on **** and it didn't sell. Its an Ibanez RG470 with the same specs as a 570. Edge trem, wizard I neck. Serial #F2xxxxx. I put in a Dimarzio Air Zone in the neck position, but if you want the V pickups I'll put them back in. -Body is in near-mint condition. No dents...
1-2 of 2 Results