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    Hi Jemsite. Nice to meet you! Another "what guitar is this" post... I've spent a bunch of time trawling catalogues and the forums here but I'm stumped so its time to ask for help :) I picked up this RG from ebay, unknown model "maybe a 250". Bridge is a lo-TRS. serial on the neck is...
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    Hey guys - am rebuilding my RG480 and could do with a pickguard and a truss rod cover for said beast, as far as I can see they're the same as the 550. Can anyone oblige? Black for preference but what have you got.
  3. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Hi! I need help! I want to buy some Ibanez from RG series. Guy who sell this guitar said me that it made in Japan in 1999 and it is RG480. Is it RG480?? thx for helping :D http://www.froster.org/forum/uploads/monthly_09_2010/post-18447-1285832691.jpg
1-3 of 3 Results