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    For sale is an Ibanez laser blue RG5000. Very rare, only released in Japan in 1991. Everything is stock and original. The body has a few dings, but the headstock, neck,frets, and bridge are in excellent condition. Accessories include soft-shell case and trem arm. Item will ship from Japan. I'm...
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    Will post pics tonight after I get her home but this baby has a few dings and minor blemishes, but it's probably the best condition used ibby I have gotten Besides my 560. 5 way selector isabent a bit but nothing a new selector can't fix.
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    Leaving Japan in a couple of months to go back to the U.K. so selling all my beloved rare and cool Ibby's I've picked up over the years. I'll try and put them all up here in the next week or so. MIJ 1991 Ibanez RG5000 in super rare Serpent Green Green Dot inlays and gold mirror pickguard...
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    I am seriously looking for a 770DX, or RG5000 in LB in good condition. I will entertain offers for 550LB's but I am more interested in the former. Price depends on which model and the overall condition of the guitar. Thanks for looking.
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    RG5000 facts and hopefully pictures Well, I thought it would be nice to collect the limited amount of info available on these guitars in one thread.. The stuff I know by now: 1. There is these colors: # Ruby Red # Laser Blue # Purple Neon # Desert Yellow # The greenish color.. What's it...
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    Hey folks, I need to complete my collection. I'm looking for an Ibanez RG-5000PN. I just missed the only one to pop up in years. For those that don't know what these 5000 series are, they are pretty much the same as the 550s, but with color-matched dot inlays. Soooooo, I need the Purple Neon...
1-6 of 6 Results