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    Looking for RG517 in FBL (Flaked Blue) / FGR (Flaked Green), in good condition. Of course, the better the condition is less work for me, however, not scared of a little struggling to get the guitar back to it's former glory. Shoot me a message. Thanks!
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    Only 500 made. This will be a small project to get it going but its an awesome, light, resonant basswood guitar and a piece of Ibanez history. View Album, http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/gauchosilvertone/library/1996%20RG517 1996 Japanese RG 517. Same as 570 but in a green sparkle finish...
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    Same as 570 but in a sparkle finish. I understand these were uncommon; I've heard as few as 500 made. Players condition. Back of neck has several indentations which I've photographed as well as possible. No middle pickup. Missing one of the nut bolts. No trem bar. Pickups are X2N bridge and...
  5. Pickups & wiring
    I'm building an Ibanez. The body is actually an RG517 (which is basically identical to an RG570 but with a silver sparkle finish). The neck will be a Jem neck (AANJ). The body is basswood. The neck is maple with a 24 fret rosewood fretboard. The trem is either going to be an Edge Pro or...
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    Trying to decide between an RG750 in fair to decent condition vs. a mint RG517 at about the same price. Both have original electronics. I'm thinking the RG517 is the way to go simply because it's in better condition. I "think" the RG750 is an overall better guitar from what I have read. The...
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    Ok, so I have 2 RG517's for sale. These are the same as 570's but with a more sparkly finish. They were only in the catalog for a year I believe. Anyway, here they are. 96' RG517 in Green. So here is a killer RG517 in green with some custom additions. It is in very good condition with some...
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    Hey guys, so I took a mid 90's RG 570 in as a trade. The neck pocket is actually stamped 517, which I think just had to do with the finish. Anyway, it is basically a 570 with a more sparkly finish. Well, I already have a green 517, so I don't need another one. It is a killer RG though, with the...
  9. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Hey guys, just thought I would show off my RG's. We have an 87' RG 550, an RG 517 (with a mirror pickguard), and a 90' or 91' RG550DX. They all have Dimarzios. What do yah think :)?!
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    For Sale is an Ibanez RG517 AANJ Neck in great condition. This neck is made in Japan, and I believe it was off a 1996 production year RG517. The Last 4 frets are scalloped like a Jem. This neck feels awesome, and plays great. It is in overall great condition with only minor fret wear. The...
1-10 of 10 Results