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    Hi, I'm about to buy an used J. Custom RG 8670. Year 2004. I can't see it in person, because the guy lives 3800 km away from me, so I'm just seeing photos. The guitar looks very good, maybe too good to be true. I asked him about the frets, and he said the frets are "like new". Is there a...
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    Hi, I've just realised that I don't have as many arms as I thought I had when I bought too many guitars so am selling off two of my J-custom RG8670s. Firstly there is the RG8670 BX (Black Onyx) Here are some pics, although it is a hard guitar to photograph, to make it look as good as it...
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    Hi I bought an RG870FE around a year ago - lovely guitar, funnily enough this one in fact. http://www.jemsite.com/forums/f16/hi-everyone-im-new-amp-so-is-this-66731.html I've liked it so much when an RG8670TV (will post pics if interested) came on the bay I had to have it as well. Both great...
1-3 of 3 Results