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rga 321
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    For sale are: my rare Ibanez Ibanez RGT 3120 TW. (Low number production) and Ibanez RGA 321 SB. Specs are: Made in Japan (2002) Mahogany body Flame maple top Seymour Duncan Super Distortion and Jazz Maple fretboard Lo Pro Edge Tremol-no installed Prestige case included - also includes the...
  2. Pickups & wiring
    Have a RGA321 from 2008 which I am wanting to love but can't dial in the sound. Wondering what pickup choices (passive) others have used. My issue so far is that despite what one would think for a mahogany guitar, mine is actually very bright. Well not so much overly bright, but lacking low...
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    I tend to favor the PGMs but RGA321 for a reasonable price would also be interesting. I would prefer the 301 to be the early years but not limited to that. I live in Estonia. Recently just had a successful deal with duelisto. Price - up to 750€ (PGM301/RGA321), 600€ (PGM500) Contact - PM...
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    If anyone has one or has any leads I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks-M I live in New Mexico Have 100% positive feedback on the bay (calpico303)
1-4 of 4 Results