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    Hi all, I've got a guitar with an edge pro tremolo that hasn't been used for around a decade now. I'm trying to give it a new life but I'm also a newbie to the guitar so got a bit stuck at setting it up. Basically I cleaned it and got a new set of elixir strings (super light 9') that I...
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    A guitar i briefly tried out, and couldn't afford years ago... Now that I do, it's gone :P That was a kick ass guitar! :D
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    Hi guys, A local dealer is just having a sales occasion and the RGT320Q which was previously set at 1850 eur (2650 usd) is now 1600 eur (2300 usd). The guitar looks nice indeed and it has now become cheaper than the RGT3020 which I had found in another shop. Is there any reason why the RGT3020...
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    hello there guys. im a newbie to this community, so im gonna say a few about meself. name : Milan from : Serbia body : tall, inteliget, pretty..... (hotline nubmer 041/******) just kidding ^^ anyway, i've come right here for a reason! i play ibanez brand for 5 years now, and its been...
1-4 of 4 Results