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    I'm selling my guitar rack. Everything in has always worked perfectly for me and sounds freakin' amazing. This has been my absolute favorite set up in the 22 years I've been playing. You will not be disappointed with this rig. It includes a Mesa 2:90 power amp, Rocktron Velocity 300 Touring...
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    Looks like I have been a victim of GAS... :D This time, my addiction bought me a Rocktron Velocity 100 power amp. I loved it when I tested it, last week. Can't wait to assemble my whole gear into a new rack case and to crank it up! ;) BTW, anyone got a good and cheap 4x12" for sale? :D
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    i have a rocktron velocity 300 poweramp for sale. 150w a side, or 300w bridged. recently serviced, extremely reliable. great tone, and a lot lighter then tube.lol i am looking for 300.00 o.b.o anyone who has dealt with me knows i mean the best offer part.
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    I'm in need of a power amp, doesn't matter if it's single or double spaced. Doesn't matter if it's tube or not. Interested in all offers. These definitely interest me: Any Mesa, Peavey, Carvin, Marshall, etc. Marshall Valvestate and Rocktron Velocity series are fine as well. Let me know what...
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    First up is a: -Line 6 Pod XT. Version 3 something. Metal shop-FX Junkie-Collectors Classics model packs installed($100 value). Great condition, a few blemishes. Works perfect, never had a problem. Comes with Carrying case, usb/AC cables, and desktop mount. $265 shipped...
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    The Podxt is in good perfect working condition and has all three model packs installed on it. It's got a few blemishes on the bottom but nothing really on the front. Works great. Comes with USB cable, AC adapter, Carrying bag, desktop mount, and manual. Asking $275+15 shipping. The Rocktron...
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    Olympic White, rosewood board. Great condition. Less than a year old. Purchased brand new from Sam Ash on August 1st of 2005. Serial # MZ5101164. 9/10 condition. Two minor blemishes. Light scratch on upper horn less than 1 inch long. Small "ding" in clearcoat below the tone knob where...
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    Just wanted to ask if everyone here in the forum uses tube amps if you don't and use solid state let me know why and what manufacturer you are using. Was your decision based on tone, clean and drive channel or other. All information would be great. Armando
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    I'm kind of looking for a cheap power amp to probably mate with a ada mp-1. I'm really not looking for anything amazing right now just something cheap that will get the job done. So far I've read some about the rocktron velocity 120 and the carvin dcm150, any preferences out of those two or...
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    Can this be used as a "head" and run directly to a cab? I really want to get it but if can't do that then it's not for me. If I recall correctly, in one of JimmyJ's pickup videos, he was using the V-AMP Pro through a Marshall cab, but i'm not absolutely sure.
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    Hey all, I'm unloading a few things again. I'm looking for cash, I take USPS money orders preferably. Though, for trades, I'm interested in: -Rack ANYTHING, namely a power conditioner, Peavey Rockmaster, ADA MP-1, Rocktron Velocity power amps, parametric EQs. (I got the effects covered with my...
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    Anyone want to buy, or know someone who wants to buy one of these beasts. I have one for sale In good working condition. It's the one in the bottom of my rack unit. £250 o.n.o. or swap for a Marshall 20/20 or Rocktron Velocity 100 or something similar
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    Pictures would be highly appreciated. I love to see amps. It must me something clinical. :) This is my stuff: - '49 Grommes Precision Custom Hi-Fi amp converted into a Fender Deluxe 5E3 - '67 Fender BF Bassman - '70 Fender SF Vibrochamp - '76 Fender SF Champ - '89 Marshall 5005 Lead12 -...
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    hey there guys, just a plain noobish question: i am thinking about getting a preamp unit, the ada mp-1, but the thing is, right now i don't have any power amp. could i connect the preamp to my roland cube 15? or will it all just to go haywire? not sure about this, since it's solid state. thx in...
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    I want to buy an amp soon because I'm using my stereo right now and I need something for band practices (instead of some 10 watt POS) I was thinking about getting a power amp and cab because I just use a PODxt, but that's too pricey right now. I was thinking about getting a Laney (like a TFX, I...
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    ok so it doesnt exist at the moment but i have the an empty 5u rack to fill. I got about a £1k. I own pod pro already and have been looking at the following things. Preamps considered are: JMP-1 Digitech 2120 Sansamp stuff Effects: Rocktron G Major Volumes are an issue so i was looking at...
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    Dear guys, Recently, I have test my POD XTLive through Fender Roc Pro. Amp are Head Cabinet amp. The problem is when I connecting the cable from XTL to Roc Pro’s input, eventhough I had turned off the low and high knob and turned the mid full (as suggested on POD manual guide), the sound...
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    Hi, i´m new on this stuff. I must buy a power amp. I have a triaxis and Rocktron vooduvalve preamps. I like Mr. Vai sound (pw and flexable era). I must choose: Marshall 50/50 Mesa 20/20 or 50/50 Engl 930/60 Help please. Thanx for read this post and sorry for my very very bad english.
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    Item for sale: Marshall 5881 50/50 Stereo Poweramp Description & Condition: It's well gigged but still in good working condition. One side of the amp has recently been re-tubed. The only reason I need to get rid of it is because it makes my rack too heavy or else I would keep hold of it...
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    First and foremost... Does anyone know where I can find a Rocktron Velocity 300, 400, or 500 poweramp? If you know of one or have one, please let me know. Secondly... I'm also looking for a Rocktron Prophesy. Again, if you know of one or have one, please let me know. Thank you!
1-20 of 62 Results