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    The guitar under the pitbull graphics guitar. What is it? Do you have more pics? Looks sweet! http://www.lgmguitars.com/images/ref/pb/pb-4.jpg
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    Look who's the young chap at the very center!:wink: Picture linked from jacksonmuseum.com. IMHO the most informative Jackson site ever made. Cham
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    so i just got done listening to the commentary track on the dvd .. and it would seem that the bad horsie mirror jem will be a feb '04 release (sans fretboard LEDs). sweet! ~A
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    I thought all the 5xx models had edges. I played this one at GC and was purple 570 neck said made in japan. It had the V pups in it but had a low trs. Is it a NOS guitar they had? I was told earlier that the 5xx always had the edge trems. Im confused
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    Anyone got one,or know of anyone that can make them? Eddie? Regards,and please helpeth me Rob
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    My brother Dave just got this older Tele style Ibanez Roadstar Special 580B, sometimes called the Ball Back. It's a Tele style guitar made of mahogany in Bensalem, Pennsylvania in '88. These were only made for about 6 months, so there aren't too many of them. I don't know if you can tell from...
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    I just picked up this cool jackson guitar, the likes of which i have never seen. Its a standard strat shaped body, that looks to be maple. It has a translucent white finish. You can see the grain through the white finish. This is totally what attracted me to this guitar. 1 humbucker, 1 volume...
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    A couple of days ago I was reaching to pick up my v-amp2 to start playing, and my guitar fell forwards from its stand, and happened to go *THWACK* into the corner of my PC desk :/ Now there is a slight dent in the fingerboard passed the 3rd fret by the high e. It didn't look to bad up close, and...
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    My friend that works in a local music store here got a letter from Ibanez saying that the DBK will not be in the Jem line-up next year, but say's it will have a new one to take it's place.....What it will be it did not say....
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    What are the differences btw RG550 and RG570?
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    what's best? a 555 or a rg570 with evos pups?
  12. Pickups & wiring
    Hi there! Some time ago I started to search for another sound in my JEMDY (maple fingerboard). I replaced the PAF Pro bridge for a Tone Zone. The Tone Zone sounds like a screaming Lion with mega teath! It's agressive!!! I like that... but not always... so, I decided to try something different...
  13. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    This is related to a previous thread, but different enough to merit a new topic. My open string E buzz seems to be all but cured. It still does it, but less harshly. However I do notice, on both my guitars, that there is definite fret buzz coming from the E and A strings, even with the truss rod...
  14. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    I want to get a Jem again. I have a Jem 77BFP already, but I want one with rosewood board. Jem 77FP & Jem 7DBK Which one you perfer me to buy? Why?
  15. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Anyone have any idea what the future holds for the JS1000 series guitars? Things are pretty boring right now with only the black pearl being offered. I would love to see some graphics models being offered again. When's the next anniversary model due? Best regards, Mike.
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    I've gone through any and all Ibanezes that I could afford, and I wanted a change of pace. So I got myself a Nuno, which needs work, but I really like a lot. Does anyone know of a site that has information on the series? I can't really identify my own so far. It's got the Washburn...
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    Glen, Rich... Do you guys know if Ibanez has ever done anything like this? The reason I ask is I'm fairly active on the Jackson forum and those guys are in the process of putting together an order for a special edition custom guitar. It's going to be specifically for members of that forum...
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    we miss these colors, current models are very boring in their colors!
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    Greetings, I'm trying to help someone (a seller actually) identify an Ibanez RG but I can't seem to match it up with anything I see in the catalogs (courtesy of Ibanez Rules). Here are the specs: Korean made (serial S4084443) red burgundy color with flame maple top (tiger-striped variety)...
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    howdy :D i have seen one of these for sale in a shop, but have never heard of them. How do they compare to the 550 ?? what hardware is on them ?? do they have an Lo Pro Trem ?? thanx :wink: