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  1. Custom Jem,mahogany Body.

    Custom Jem,mahogany body.
  2. Custom Built Ibanez Jem

    my first custom build ibanez jem - the material came from an old skirt of my wife's. everything was hand built and hand finished - the gloss finish is from a spray can!!
  3. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Hi folks, got a steal on a warmoth strat with custom flip-flop finish and I also got a free bonus neck with the deal, a pretty much brand new mighty mite birdseye maple neck. I've been debating as to whether or not I should swap necks (I'm used to rosewood fretboards but the birdseye maple one...
  4. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    I have decided that i want to buy something more classic like a strat. After a lesson at UT one day i wondered around Knoxville looking at Strats until i found a G and L dealer. The G and L Legacy (strat) is alittle cheaper and much more customizable (they let you choose your pickguard, color...
  5. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Are Jem's upgraded RG's? Why are those much more expensive than RG's?
  6. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    So, for years I've been playing on Rosewood fretboards on maple necks, and recently I nabbed a gorgeous RG ART. Maple Neck, maple top, Mrs Butterworths is eying me as we speak... Anyway, all my tone is set up for Rosewood's warmth, I'm amazed at the brightness of the maple. In fact the...
  7. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    I never play my RG-Metal cuz I'm tired of Wizard necks. I've always wanted a Les Paul but since I don't like rosewood fretboards it's been very hard for me to come by a model that I actually care for owning. There's a guy here in Italy (he's also a member of this forum) selling this...
  8. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Anyone noticing it? I know it is not big deal, just put some lemon oil on it, but I've been seeing alot of Jcustoms lately with really pale fingerbards, my 8470 came with a really bad one, even after the second application of oil, it still doesn't look as good as it should. A few more times...
  9. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    End of November, already! And we didn't get much news about what is going on in Fujigen plant for 2008. So, this is a call to anyone who could have picked here or there pieces of info about next year line-up. Please,feed my GAS!
  10. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    This is the most beautiful and well crafted instrument I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The bad sister of the RG ART-1 and the RG GEAR-1. I swore never to part with it since there are about 12 of these but the Wizard neck profile has lost it's marvel to my hands and I prefer...
  11. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Ive noticed some jem 7v's have two brown strips on the back of the neck, and some dont? Why is this? Is there any differences between 1993 models to 2007 models? Has anyone replaced the knobs on there jem 7v? What guitar strap looks sweet with the Jem 7v?
  12. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    ...put some black oil dye on my rosewood fretboard? Has someone done it already? (pics please :)) I love the look of ebony fretboards...will I ruin something? And do you know where I can buy some oil dye in Europe?
  13. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Im considering two new guitars here: The American Special Mahogany-bodied HSS Strat and The American Deluxe HSS Strat. The first has (of course) a mahogany body, and the second (of course) has an alder body. Both will have (of course) maple necks, and rosewood fretboards. The stock bridge...
  14. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Yo. I would like to trade my JS1000BP for an EB/MM Silhouette with a Floyd Rose, or possibly a set bridge. No 22-fret Specials and no non-locking trems. Rosewood fretboards preferred, but I can do maple. Thanks dudes! smitty
  15. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Hi all could you tell me what rg is this : it has v7 v8 s1 pickups , tremolo is ibanez pro edge ... and the picture:
  16. Comments to Ibanez
    Why no maple boards? I want a maple board on a wizard neck in a J-Custom or Prestige model. Seems like everything is rosewood now and rosewood is dull. Maple, neck thru.
  17. Comments to Ibanez
    Mr. Hosono....... This is my first time in this section of Jemsite. I honestly had no idea there was a section here that we could communicate directly with Ibanez authority. Many times in other sections here, I have stated/asked about the lack of options in your Universe/7 string market. Im...
  18. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Any people on board who speak Japanese and can translate the specs? :p Looks like those are gonna have rosewood fretboards and the bodies are gonna be flametops w. red and black colors. http://www.kurosawagakki.com/ibanez/ibanez_vol3.html MRG-5 is still, IMO, the most beautiful J-Custom ever...
  19. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Looking to trade my player condition JS10th mainly for a JS90th. I PLAY my guitars so if you have a player one even better. I'm not going to be picky about pick-ups being scratched and that kind of stuff, I'm not a collector. Only reason I'm looking for a trade is beacuse I absolutely can't...
1-20 of 82 Results