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    Wtb an rrg5 if anyone knows of any that may come up for sale! Am in Australia but will look at purchasing world wide.
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    Howdy all, Long time reader, random poster, just thought Id take this opportunity to share my little family with you all, and post pics since Ive now cracked 10 posts ... hope this is in the right place... also BIG props to TAorama who provided me with my latest, the awesome 540S-TN, and...
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    Check it out, amazing guitar. Beautifully built. Specs: Body: Flamed Maple / Lite ASH body Neck: 5pcs Maple / Walnut j.custom neck Fingerboard: Rosewood fingerboard with "Tree of Life" inlay Bridge: Edge-Zero Tremolo bridge w/ZPS3 Neck P.U: DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck P.U Mid P.U: DiMarzio...
1-3 of 4 Results