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    For Sale - Kramer Japan Richie Sambora Cream Color for Project or Parts This is a Kramer Japan Sambora that I bought many years ago as a project, and never got around to building. I have now accepted that I will most likely never have time to work on this, so it is now for sale. This will...
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    stagemaster,nightswan,proaxe,Sambora,Jersey Star with case in nice shape other colors than white,flipflop red,sea foam green:D preferably within the European union but intersesting from the states too if the price is right8O
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    Description and condition: This time I´m selling my totally MINT condition and VERY RARE Fender Stratocaster Richie Sambora signature in floral black paisley. This is the limited run of around 200-300 black paisley ever made. This is a MADE IN JAPAN (not Crafted in Japan) guitar but has...
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    Well... guys I would like to buy a Fender Sambora, the japan made on 1996-97 in black paisley finish. If anybody wants to move one drop me a PM or sent me a mail at: [email protected] Pic of the guitar: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4134/4920508810_04593049a7.jpg Thanks¡¡
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    Kind of looks like a Taylor. Thoughts? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2010832/Richie-Samboras-girlfriend-Yasmin-Mitri-exposed-high-class-prostitute.html
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    Wanted USA fender Sambora strat HSS model any colour cash waiting please get in touch. Good condition not looking like a relic ;) Thanks
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    Hi, I have two beautiful FENDER RICHIE SAMBORA MKII Strat for sale! 1. a very rare 3-tone Sunburst incl. Case = 1800,-€ 2. a vintage white incl. Case = 1700,-€ Both are in very good condition cause they were handled like collectors items. I have not played them a lot. Prices are pretty fix...
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    Up for sale or trade is a USA made 1997 Fender Sambora Strat(Olympic White) with big star inlays in close to mint condition(one small ding on side of body as shown in pics). Completely stock. No modifications whatsoever. Original Floyd Rose, Dimarzio PAF pro(Bridge), Fender Texas Specials in...
1-8 of 8 Results