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scalloped maple board
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    For sale is my RG565 scalloped neck. Maple fretboard. Scalloped and fret levelled by professional luthier. Great condition. Pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/103796102234653350631/IBANEZRG565NECK Price is 399€ + Shipping. Includes all hardware (locking nut, retainer bar and tuning pegs). One...
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    ive known about this site for along now and should have became a member a long time ago but now ive finally done it.i love jems, i have two at the moment,i have the 7vwht with the fernandez sustainer prof fitted just like flo.and i have the 20th jem with the acrylic body.i also have a made up...
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    WARNING: VERY bright and flashy As you all probably know, it is almost impossible to capture the true colour of a neon guitar. This is my best attempt. the picture below is probably the closest to the real colour scallops! yummy... Review (For those who are thinking about ordering...
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    The maple board looks allright, but the scalloped positions... I can't say I like them. :? The pic was on this French site. Alwin
1-4 of 4 Results