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    wanted to post this in a 6string forum but anyway here's the deal i'm about to be in a band that requires low tuning, and wondered what string gauge I could use on my edr. I'll will be, from high to low, tuned like: g, d, a#, f, c, g. thanks
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    Well, the subject title says it all. What pickups do you have and why do you like them (or not?) Anyone and everyone can answer. I'm looking for everyone's opinion here.
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    Here's a demo my friend and I recorded in four hours, we've since done a newer version with lots of effects and stuff (which actually came out much heavier than this one, if you can believe that). Sorry for the crappy, bass-heavy mix. Recorded on a Tascam 424 4-track tape recorder with an Apex...
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    I'd imagine some of you have some cracking user patches (in the vein of satch and vai no doubt) Are you willing to share them with me? The line 6 library store never seems to gets used by users.
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    I was just wondering what guitars you guys played in high school? I was just wondering because I'm in high school and I must say there is alot of diversity in brands and quality. I suppose it would be cool to know what amps you used too. Thanks
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    State your favorite guitar that you've ever played, any brand, any make, and provide information. My favorite is my Black Pearl Ibanez SF-420 I just got. Perfect medium of sound, neck feel, EVERYTHING. RARE! I've only seen one person use one ever. Made half a year in 1997, fixed bridge SF420...
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    What other 7 string guitars exsist that are in competition with the Universe. I'm looking to buy one sometime this summer and I wanted to explore options. Thanks
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    I just copped a 1999 RG-7621 via the 'bay. It's black with black h/ware. I want to change the bridge out for a chrome bridge. Does anyone know if the Warmoth 7-string bridge fits the RG-7621? I can't find the bridge specs for the RG-7621 so I don't know what I need to look for in a replacement...
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    Thought I'd say hi to everyone. I've wandering around this site for the past week and I've got to say that it's great. I'm thinking of buying a Jem 7dbk soon as a replacement for my first guitar and was just wondering what your first guitars were.
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    hey, I'm wondering about the new 2003 RG1527. Supposedly its pretty much a reissue of the 7620 with a prestige label on it. How come its going to be so much more affordable? The MSRP on the 7620 was 1299 while this one is just 800. I'm just wondering what kind of instrument we can expect here...
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    Ok, I'm having troubles with my Schecter Revenger-7. The strings had really nice action when I got it, with a little fret buzz, but after a lot of playing, I've noticed that all the strings either buzz a lot, or fret out to the third fret if you use any fret below the third fret. The action...
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    You know what guys, I was just thinking as I was looking at the picture of BammBamm holding his awesome new baby that I talk to you guys all the time, but I have not got a clue what any of you look like!! Is it possible that on this post we can post pics of ourselves??? I mean like if any of...
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    I actually use a 5150 head and I know it's not the best, I've never had the occasion to hear Rivera's Bonhead or Hugues and Kettner and even not the last Marshall. I'm really curious to learn what you use for your extrem machine ... Thanks in advance ... :)
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    Hi guys!! I thought we'd do a less controversial topic this time around... I'd like to hear about your favorite rig setup ie: What guitar you use, amps, effects..in what order do you like up your effects/pedals... I think we can learn from each other on this one!!!
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    what's the difference between these two?
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    Hi guys, im just curious what you fellows are using for your recording gear on your PC. - Im using a Pentium 4 (watercooled to 2.8 for speed and quietness) with 512 megs of pc2700 ram. Sony e540 21" monitor with a ti4200 for the graphics. Windows XP using a WD JB80 gig hard drive. Asus P4PE...
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    alright....i know its not but much.....but i'm only 15....and have to work real hard man......
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    RG-1077XL - 1000 dollars 7-321 - 500 dollars... Which one should I get? Are there big differences, like that the 1077XL is a prestige? Please help! :) /kalle
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    Don't know if this survey was ever taken, but it's cool to know what Non-Ibanez's every plays. Let me start with my Ibanezs and work my way down: Jem 7VWH Jem 7DBK with LGM mod Jem 77FP RG7620 US Hamer Standard Custom US Hamer Duotone Gibson LP Classic Plus ESP Mirage Custom Ovation Legend...
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    ...er is coming. :lol: Yes, that's right, I'm finally getting a 7-string. :D:D:D It's not an Ibanez unfortunately, as they're still out of my price range for a bit, but it'll be a decent guitar for starters. It's a Schecter Revenger-7, and it's coming as a Christmas present. :D I've got...