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seven string guitars
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    Bought her in 1999, VGC, well taken care of, regularly maintained. Has been modded with Seymour Duncan custom shop Pick ups (Neck custom H/B, Middle single coil strat pup & Bridge Allan Holdsworth Duncan designed H/B). Original Blaze II Pickups are still included (see photos). Also comes with...
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    I got a seven string a while ago and it's barely seen any daylight. I need some suggestions for seven string music that isn't Korn or Nevermore to learn
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    To raise funds for an Axe-FX I will sell my Ibanez K7 FB seven string guitar with OHSC. As you can see it's a very clean guitar, showing very little wear. Especially the frets and the rest of the hardware are like new. PUs were changed to DiMarzio AN7 (neck) and DS7 (bridge) and a Fender...
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    Hey All, I am after a Seven String Neck for a project i have in the works. * have a preference for late model prestige Ibanez with bubinga Stripes but will look at anything with 24 frets. *Would also love something with a reverse neck if possible let me know what you have!
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    i don't have a very good english but i very glad to be a member of this glorious site. see ya manta.
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    The next decade... It's been almost 11 years since I started a website dedicated to Ibanez JEM guitars. Over time it has turned into a significant, worldwide community. All of you reading know the sense of family atmosphere and overall good spirit that is found here.. a rarity nowadays online...
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    Okay..this is complicated but I'm looking for advice. When I pick a lick from the low E string up to the high E string I have to shift between 2 hand positions: 1) Low E to D strings - Resting the side of my palm along the trem. Looks almost like the "Okay" hand symbol. 2) G to High E strings...
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    people say hes a shred head... but the only "shred" ive heard him play is probably legato, and the occasional arpeggio (mystical potato head groove thing). is there any songs/videos in which he alternate picks? (or as most teenage guitar playing wannabes would say, Shreds?) thanks
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    ...I have finally recorded some of my own music. After recently doing some guitar parts for another person, I was inspired to start playing/writing/recording again. It was a lot of fun to be playing and creating again. I forgot how challenging mixing can be! Your comments and suggestions would...
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    Im looking for a high output pickup for my 7 string but want to avoid emg's. I was thinking maybe a dimarzio or maybe a duncan invader. Anyone got any suqquestions? Keep in mind I'd like to spend under $100 for the bridge pickup otherwise I'd just get a lundgren.
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    well technically its an 8 string... i was wondering, does anyone have any experience with this insturment. i am sortof considering buying one.
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    Ok here we go, last time I was going to sell or trade so I closed that thread.. I am offering up my MINT CONDITION never mounted TC Electronics G-Major rack processor. This unit is incredible but I find myself only using delay and chorus and truthfully 2 presets. I am not using this to its...
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    Looking to trade 05' Schecter C1 + for Trem & T.O.M model seven string guitars ONLY!! Need another 6 string like I need a hole in the head... PM or email me with offers... [email protected] Guitar is in good shape with some minor scratches. A small nick on the top of the headstock...
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    What the heck, yo!!! I went to Borders Music and Books today... And went to go look for some Vai albums, and they had STEVE VAI, OUR GOD!! under the classification: POP. ROCK. :o!! I mean, what else can we classify Vai as? Rock? New Age? I looked in New Age first, then Rock...... Then...
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    I'm open to any seven string guitars for partial or full trade otherwise $1250 gets it shipped to your door anywhere in the continental US. I am partial to Ibanez right now but I wouldn't rule anything out completely. For anyone further out, you just cover the difference in shipping (thought it...
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    as the title says, Ive got three prety decent six strings now and know absolutely NOTHING about seven string guitars but.... im feeling that urge to buy one just to find out what they are like... before I invest money that I dont have to satisfy my curiosity... can anyone here give me the...
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    I'm not sure of the actual year but I'm assuming one of the earlier ones because it has a black shadow speaker. Anyway.. It simply isn't the amp for me. It works fine and sounds great at high volumes. Just not the right sound for me. Pics here...
1-19 of 38 Results