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    Sorry if there's a better forum - thanks to the staff moving the thread if necessary Even if it's not about strings, "7" is a theme for numerous people I don't want to introduce a religious thread : 7, the week, the Bible,etc... more than explanations, here is an example : Moonchild / Iron...
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    To anyone who's got their eyes on out there; I just registered to the jemsite, and even better yet, i just bought my 1st Steve Vai 7vwh. Its a 2002 (in mint condition), with all gold hardware (lo-pro bridge), and i'm just as excited about becoming a new member as i am to get my new Jem...
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    Hi all, So there's this album of Steve Vai's called "The 7th Song." Steve says that in each of his albums, the 7th track is always his most heartfelt track. All of these "7th songs" from his albums have been put into one album, called "The 7th Song", so that you have an album with all his...
1-3 of 3 Results