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seymour duncan pups

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    I am cleaning out the parts box as some of my projects come together and figure out what I don't need. All prices include shipping and paypal in the lower 48. Ibanez strap buttons in Cosmo (new) $15 shipped Ibanez dome knobs in Cosmo (new) (these are the all metal version, not the plastic...
  2. Pickups & wiring
    Guitar has Alder body, bolt on neck, Maple Fretboard. I play thrash metal like Testament, Kreator, etc and some death metal like death, morbid angel etc. I am tuned to D standard, and am using 11-52 guage strings. I'm looking for something thats not going to be too bright or thin but isnt dark...
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    Hi I´m putting the add on a behalf of a good friend of mine who wants to sale one of his guitars. Vigier brand are a french made guitars from the finest materials and the better quality, wich has the Excalibur model as one of the top models guitars. You can check more information at his site...
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    Hi guys I just signed up here today, but I have been an Ibanezaholic for almost 10yrs I have a a FEW in that time but right now Im afraid I only have my old and trusted SA260FMTR (with seymour Duncan pups) and an RG 1570 which is in bits and is going to be the donor of parts for my next...
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    Here are two photos of my Yamaha Pacifica 604W, in transparent cherry red. I've owned it for nearly a decade, and it's my main guitar. The pictures were taken with a 6 megapixel Sony Cybershot DSC-500. I'll post some more pictures soon. Kind regards, Myst
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    RG1570-SDB Suede Dark Black finish RG2550E-GK New Designed Sharktooth Inlay With Brown Mirror Pickguard RGA121-CDR Crushed Ruby Finish SZ320EX-WH SZ320EX-WH / SZ320EX-BK
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    i need a new set o pups, whats everyones favorites?
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    Ok, I am an Ibanez guy, so I am trying to narrow my collection down to Ibanez alone, so I have got 2 guitars for trade and I have got alot of parts for sale, here we go. First, this is my Mayones GTM Lizard, I picked this up a while back when I was on a huge handcrafted guitar kick. These...
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    The title says it all Mahogany w/3 piece maple neckthrough, 27 frets, ebony board, original Floyd, Seymour Duncan pups,
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    What would you choose between a Ibanez RG1570MRR Prestige, you already know the specs, and a Fernandes Revolver Elite, Neck Thru, Seymour Duncan pups, and Sustainer. Help me in this really difficult decision!!! Regards Martin
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    I bought an Ibanez SA 320X it is a 2004 model i think same as the sa220fm (2 HB configuration) but with piezos in it. I'm thinking on swapping pickups,both HB, which Dimarzios will sound good, it has a Mahogany Body... any idea or experience ?
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    Well here is the second batch of my babies with a more uncluttered view of them.
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    I've been contemplating a strat as a next guitar to work towards, but some monkeying around on the fender site lead me to this baby: http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0263170530 I figure since it seems to have more of the features I would like than any one strat (some strats...
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    Hi sorry to start another thread like this, but i've read thousands on this page and still not sure what to do. I'm from argentina and I'm looking for a guitar with a good trem for van halen/petrucci style dive bombs and whammy ABuse. As you may know (or most probably not :P) what used to cost...
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    ---------Suhr Standard--------- Gorgeous maple top on basswood. DHS bucker and noiseless singles, also has Fishman piezo bridge. Please see pics for spec sheet details. Great player! In excellent/near mint condition...has a couple finish doinks behind the knobs, otherwise very clean. Includes...
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    I´m about to buy an LA custom from this one guy and I would be very pleased to know everything possible about those guitars. Am I right that they´re made for endorsees only? Considering that, the price seems very reasonable to me. What are they actually worth? He says it´s an RG6 LA Custom. Does...
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    Im travelling to Buenos Aires next week and I came across a Starfield Cabriolet JS LTD on an argentininan auction site (the semihollow "tele" one with the birds eye mnaple top, in red). Of course I couldnt resist and bought it. :lol: I think this is the only high end Starfield that wasnt made...
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    Try to get an idea on how you guys see your Ibanez's as would/couldave optioned from Ibanez. Edited (Gabriel has now modded it even more...)
  19. Pickups & wiring
    I know that sounds may be subjective,but Im still curious about some old pickups.... I own an old jem777 with a paf pro and have a smooth sound maybe someone called it "creamy."...but I wonder what's the difference between a new and an old? ......or is it a myth??
  20. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    anyone have an RG with S/S/S configuration? How do you like it? After seeing a couple of Vai's S/S/S Jems, I figured I wanna customize an RG550 for a Straty sound too. I'm probably gonna go with Dimarzio HS-2, HS-3 or FS-1, or a combination of them. anyone else done it?