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    UV7PWH neck
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    this one Just a couple of questions to anyone who might know, i paid £300 for it, but it has v7 and v8 pick ups (usuauly on higher priced ibanez's) , and cool glittery paint, i was curious why its so cheap? most ibanez in that price range tend to not be so good, ie 2xx or 3xx series. Also...
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    I was in a store yesterday and picked up a 2610 to play. I was playing it for a few minutes, then looked at the tag - let's just say, it's on clearance! Obviously, it's a left-over '07 but I looked it over, expecting it to be beat to hell, but it's not. It's like new, no dings, chips, gouges...
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    Hi Guys Help needed again...can you help me I/D an axe that I purchased fromEvilBay. Supposedley a 97 RG550 ltd???? Any assistance gratly appreciated. Regards Serpoid138
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    Hey guys, I just bought an Ibanez RG neck from a guy here on the forum. The back of the neck is sanded down, along with the back of the headstock, so I don't know where it was made(cause I can't see the serial number). It was made in '97. Only way I know that is cause its stamped on the back of...
  7. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Not really, I was at a local watering hole last night and the Sprint Cup was on TV and I think I saw the new theme for one of my Jem projects. I have been on the fence as to what colors to go with or possibly a swirl for this project. After seeing Gordon smash into the wall last night it hit me...
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    Hi i am looking to buy a 22 frets Ibanez AANJ Neck (Made in Japan) for use with body with an Ibanez Edge bridge. The neck must be with rosewood freatboard and with dots inlays, but i am open to others inlays like shark tooth inlays like second option and oval inlays perhaps if i am not lucky...
  9. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    I'm having ET Guitars build me a vine inlay neck. I just can't resist. For you Jem owners with the inlay, how difficult was it getting used to a fretboard without dots? Curious to hear your replies. Thanks folks. :)
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    Hello all. Im looking to find an early 90s RG. Japan made, shark tooth inlays a must. Im looking for a 570,670,760,or 770. Im not a fan of pick guards. Will consider any condition. Thanks
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    Well...not yet! What do you all think is gonna come out this next year?
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    This is my Prestige: It's a model from 2005, so it doesn't have the ghost sharktooth inlay, do you think it can become a rare model in the future because it has a dotted inlay? I was always curious if such things could make a guitar rare and desirable... Do you have any rarities you could...
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    I have had an RG body and neck broken down in my garage for the past 10 years wasting away in a case. Currently it's just collecting dust, but I finally found a local guitar shop that can do exceptional work in a timely manner and figured I would have it painted a custom color. I have searched...
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    Well, I got my RG2610 in today, set it up, and I absolutely love it. Here are the pics of my new killer 6 string and my killer 7. Somehow when the 2610 came in today the locking nuts had worked their way out of the neck during shipping and I had to literaly rip my Prestige case padding up to get...
  15. Comments to Ibanez
    Just on the sevenstring.org forum itself, Nearly 75+ people said they would buy a Xiphos 7.. Of course that number can be skewed and I doubt 75 people from that website itself would actually buy it, but thats alot of interest regardkess, not including how many people do not goto that forum who...
  16. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Hello all, i'm from france and i read many post of the swirl and co,i used many many paint paint before i find the right color to use here's my first atempt,what are you thinking about it. http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/492/photo001fj2.jpg http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/271/photo002nk8.jpg...
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    Hey guys, i just got an RGA121 2006 model... oh wow this is my first prestige guitar, well in fact first japanese guitar... and i thought there couldnt possibly be any real difference between the korean and japanese made... my god my rg350dx seems so... toyish now. The neck of these prestiges...
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    I currently own a RG350, which is a OK guitar for the price I'm looking to invest into a higher end Ibanez, and the 2570 caught me when I browse through the Ibanez site. anyone tried the 2570? What are the difference between it and the 1570? are cases included ? Thankyou for your responses...
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    I am considering selling my Prestige 2570 to fund a custom guitar purchase. Would I make more by selling it whole, or parting it out? Thanks
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    As promised, here's my review of the RG 20th. Lazy people look away now, this could be lengthy, though I will attempt to keep it brief! This particular beast is the Road Flare Red model, delivered to me on the exact date I got my first one. How's that for timing?! Having owned the original...
1-20 of 93 Results