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  1. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    I think i might be looking to upgrade to something better soon, so anyone around the CT area interested in a 1960A slant cab, its in good condition, looking to get $400 for it, I'll throw some pictures up later when i get home
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    This cab is the 4x12 slant cab with 4 Celestion vintage 30's in it. It's in excellent condition and comes with 4 casters that pop in and out for easy transport. I cannot ship it, so I'm looking to sell locally in the Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Asking $600 firm and can provide pics. I...
  3. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Looking to change my rig. What I have: Roland GP-16 Processor Marshall 80/80 Power Amp Marshall 4X10 Slant Cab I absolutly hate the power amp. Not too sure about the Roland anymore. I'm keeping the Cab. Suggestions are very welcome though I am not wealthy.
  4. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey gang. I'm thinking of picking up another amp. My #1 is a Peavey JSX head through B52 Stealth series cab (Celestion V30 speakers). I typically only play it as a half stack, but have both the straight and slant cabs for those times when 4 12" speakers just aren't enough (or I'm feeling...
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    Bought new 9 months ago- DSL100 head -800 1960A slant cab wheels and cover - 450 1960B straight cab wheels/cover -450 1600 for all. Mint. -jemaholic
  6. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey whats up! Well I really dont know what to do, somebody is offering me a peavey 412 XXX slant cab for 300 USD, I dont know if this cab is worth enough for my current gear what do you think? should I go for it? Current Gear Furman Power C. Mesa Rec Pre Mesa 2:90 T.C. G-Force
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    I'm unloading some more of my stuff and these are next. The tube works head is in great working condition and electronically and cosmetically its a 60 watt tube head with 6L6 outputs and a 12ax7 preamp tube, head does have reverb. The cabinet is a 4 12" slant cab, I don't know who made it , I...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi guys So it took me a while but I went on a quest and found an old vintage marshall checkered cab, speakers and cab dating back to 1973. I was a tad picky and checked out a few but ultimately wanted one that looked like it was made yesterday. Well I found one in gret shape except for a few...
  9. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Instead of buying an expensive cab maybe I could save a few bucks to build my own. I was thinking of building a 4 x 12 cab possibly with Celestion speakers. If anyone knows a place for schematics or a good place to get speakers let me know!
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    ******Carvin V3 100watt 3 channel tube amp - $800 - Perfect condition****** ******Carvin V3 Slant Cabinet with Celestion G12T-75's - $300 - Perfect Condition****** ******Jackson Fusion EX - $225 - Made in Japan - Les Paul Scale - Includes case. Great shred axe.****** ******Barber...
  11. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Anyone around Southern New Hampshire looking for a killer 4X12 cabinet? Traditional size, loaded with Celestion Vintage 30'S. Closed back wired for mono or stereo 8 Ohm mono / 4 Ohm. Stereo slant cabinet finish & construction: Marine grade baltic birch, black taurus vinyl covering black...
  12. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Ive decided to scale down to just a simple practice amp, so the rest of my gear is for sale: Digitech GNX 3 - Mint condition, include power cable, manuals, box, ect - $175.00 2 (one slant cab, one straight cab) 4x12 Peavey cab w/Sheffield speakers, great condition, no tears, rips, dents, ect...
  13. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    I decided to buy a Vetta Head. I only can afford one 4X12 Box actually, so my question is: if you only have one Box should i get a slant or a straight Box??
  14. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Location: New Jersey, local pickup only... Up for grabs is my modded peavey 5150. It has the bias mod, and bias test points. It is the EVH BLOCK LETTER model. Tubes in it are all JJ's. 6L6 inner two tubes, and KT88's outter two tubes. $800. Marshall JCM900A Cab (Slant) Marshall JCM900B Cab...
  15. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I'm selling a Carvin V3 4x12 slant cab and a Carvin V3 4x12 straight cab. They can be purchased seperatly. They are loaded with Celestion G12T-75's. Work in Mono 16 ohms and stereo 8 ohms.
  16. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Check it out... This thing is so FREAKING loud even on 50 watts I'm going to have to get a power break to enjoy its tones..Can;t wait to hear my 7 string thru it..god I hate waiting...
  17. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    At the moment, ive got a Mesa TriAxis and 2:90 setup, with a Rocktron Xpression as the effects unit. Im *almost* happy with it, but the TriAxis has a clean edge to it, while im looking for a more saturated tube tone. Ive ordered a keeley DS-1 to try and boost the amp, and im selling my...
  18. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    So I just managed to find a Marshall 1960 4x12 slant cab [black tolex, silver grille (or maybe a grey one judging by the pictures, possibly black..???)]. ANYWAYS, just wondering if it's a good buy. It's almost brand new with the exception of small tolex rips on the bottom and the back of the...
  19. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey all I was just on another board and someone came up with the idea to list every amp you have ever owned. I did as many as I could remember, which I think is all of them and I got bummed thinking about how much money I spent on different amps just to get rid of them for a different amp later...
  20. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey, I found two A/DA Splitstack Vintage 2x12 vertical slant cabs for $250 for the pair. They're so damn portable, Im really liking the idea of having a dual 2x12s I did a quick search of www.adadepot.com and www.harmonycentral.com and information about these is pretty slim. Right now, I have...
1-20 of 63 Results