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    Hey everyone, I recently had to get rid of my beautiful Ibanez S7420 Flame Top w/ an H-S-H configuration for new EMG 707's for my UV7, which leaves me heartbroken. :cry: But, after doing some looking around, I found the ESP SC-7. 8) It's a neck-thru-body, with a rosewood fretboard, EMG...
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    I have a little marshall stack 15 watt and im thinking of getting the spider amp but i was wondering if i should just get a modelling pedal? i live in an apt and i mostly just play through headphones but if i got a pedal i would want it to sound ok through the sub also
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    Well, the other day I walked into my guitar dealer, I looked around and didnt see ANY 7 string guitars. So I asked the shop assistant if they had any around or if they were getting any in. The reply was: "No we don't get any 7 strings in unless theyre ordered, there isnt really many people out...
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    I'm about to build my first guitar its just gonna be an 7 String RG nothin special but I was wondering how to do a string through bridge like on the ESP Stephen Carpenter models also I was wondering where you can get a hardtail 7 string bridge it seems like jim soloway had a few or someone on...
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    Hello all! I am new to this forum and just wanted to share my story and recent project. I have been an Ibanez owner for 11 years. I bought my first and only Ibanez, a Lazer-Blue RG565, in 1992. This was the guitar I learned how to play on and grew to love. Over the years I eventually...
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    wanted to post this in a 6string forum but anyway here's the deal i'm about to be in a band that requires low tuning, and wondered what string gauge I could use on my edr. I'll will be, from high to low, tuned like: g, d, a#, f, c, g. thanks
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    Fear Factory is back with Christian on 7 string guitar... He's got some not too shabby lookin Jackson 7 strings... It'll be interresting to hear his guitar playin... Kim :D
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    I just ordered one of these in the natural gloss. The bad news is the factory had alot of backorders...they had 4 and 56 ordered so I'm expectin mine in 6 months... :? I can't wait...but i have to heh... Kim :D
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    Ok this has to come up sooner or later if it already hasn't; what signature guitar do you like and/or own? ESP/LTD KH-502(like and tried) Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul (own)
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    I'm in the market to buy my first 7 string, and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. I would prefer somthing under $1000, but I could possibly go over. I've been looking at the RG1527, the UV777, and the Carvin DC727. I've played a few Ibanez 7 strings, and I know I like the way they...
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    Is there anything special that you have to do when you install emg 707's on a guitar apart from routing and changing to a 3-way selector switch. Also how much would it cost to have them installed? Does anyone here have a preferance over the emg 707's? After listening to rusty cooley im hooked on...
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    I would just like to know what are the 7-strings model available in the market (or anywhere) right now? their features? price? Any brand. also, what are the 7-string models that are good guitars but are no longer available right now? any news about newer models to be released? Thanks!
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    I have a question about amp models on my Flextone II, mainly, how to get certain sounds out of what I have. For example, Metallica's tones on St. Anger (especially "Invisible Kid", and I think they use Diezels and Mesa/Boogie Dual/Triple Rectifiers) and Deftones new album (I know Stef uses a...
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    Hello- I am just 12 hours away from trading my Jem7VSBL for a PRS Custom24. I have seen many pictures of the guitar, and it looks great. The other guy trading with me desribed the guitar as in "excellent condition, a few dings". Im really pumped about it! I planned on selling the Jem, then...
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    Has anyone ever put dimarzio's or duncans in an esp(not ltd), If so what were they? :roll:
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    In the NAMM discussion on one of the other forums, they say there are no more XL 7 strings being offered. That's sad news. I was hoping to see more of them and I was certainly willing to buy another if it was even close to a configuration that I liked. It may be a good business decision, but...
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    I'm seriously considering buying a new RG2127 or a used 2027. I have to admit that the Vintage Violin finish looks alot better than the Deep Black finish. I really wanted this guitar because of the piezo pickups, but I can't seem to find any soundclips of it. Can someone please post or send me...
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    Say ur opinion about this guitar , pluses and minuses?
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    click at this link and look at this 3 guys who look like clowns :lol: http://www.espguitars.com/ man, ESP is dead
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    I think it would be good to know everyone´s preferences, so why don´t we make a short list of our dreamed guitars?(you know, your 5-10 fav ones). Even an explanation of why would be a guide for others. Please, don´t say 5 different models of the same one... :wink: (you know which one i mean)...