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    Hey Guys (and Girls) Taking ownership of an RG3120fdam in a few days from a trade in at GC. I owned an RG3120TW years ago and always regretted selling it. Thinking of pickups and the only dimarzio I havnt heard is a steves special in the bridge. I have had a crunchlab, super D, Tone Zone, X2n...
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    BLUE F spaced Dimarzio Evolution bridge pickup, brand new never installed. Comes with all screws, springs, directions, etc. $60 shipped 48 US States ONLY BLACK F spaced Dimarzio Steve's Special bridge pickup pulled from my JPM. In great shape and has just about 10" of wire. Pickup only, no...
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    so on my j custom i have a tone zone humbucker that i want to trade for a steves special pickup. or if someone wants to buy my tone zone thats cool, or if someone wants to sell their Special and thats cool to.
1-3 of 3 Results