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    Just found this on a Brazilian popular auction site... Roughly translated, that's what the guy wrote: WTF ??? 8O
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    Hi, Here's another 'Which do you like best?' poll. :) For me, it's 'Blue powder', 'Sisters', 'The riddle' and 'Erotic nightmares'. :) Alwin
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    Thought some of you Jemsiters might find this cool. My grandmother recently passed and all of Vai's direct family was at the funeral (they are my cousins). He mailed me this for my birthday and as a condolence gift.
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    its a BRMR brand new early christmas present. well 2 days early. but still. ive done. ive joined the alliance. i found the last key which will open the chest that holds the +3 broadsword. ok jk. hey Brandon, its on!!!(JEM5150) time to jam./ booddlldiidlyboom(sweeping). HAH
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    A month ago i went to the NGW where steve did a 3 hour clinic/masterclass. We finished classes at 12 for an hour break before he came, but I went to where he was going to be an hour early. I was looking through the door and then I saw him and my heart dropped. I watched him do soundcheck and...
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    Most of you will have probably read this but here it is anyway, straight from 'the horses mouth': Ibanez Counterfeit Warning Some auction websites currently have hundreds of instruments that look like Ibanez guitars and/or feature our trademarked Ibanez headstocks and logos. These guitars do...
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    I find it really amazing how different some of the swirls are, and I thought it would be great to start a thread to see if we can find all the PCM out there. Well at least try, so lets start to hunt down those 271 PMC JEMs... Here is mine, which I got back 1992, I am original owner.
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    UV777BK Pup Question I decoded my brand new baby's serial number as a 2001 Y. So I don't hafta go looking at old catalogues, is it safe to say I have DiMarzio Blazes? Also, the tech that I had set it up for me was a tech that has worked for Little Stevie Vai!!! How cool is that? Anyhoo, he...
  9. Dave Weiner Official Forum Archive (NEW LOCATION)
    hey dave, I'm not totally sure if it's happened or not, but in the DVD's I've seen and just seeing you guy's live last week, I was wondering why is it that Tony and Steve kinda' battle back and forth, trade lead's and riff's if you will, but I haven't seen you and Steve go at it so to speak. A...
  10. Dave Weiner Official Forum Archive (NEW LOCATION)
    Heheh, well hey guys and girls. I just thought since I'm relatively new to this wonderful little community I would kick off a general topic so I can get to know a bit about you all. I hope we get a lot of information off people so feel free to post your own stuff! This is topic is by no way...
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    the DBK is in excellent condition with a UV1000 case. the jackson is in excellent condition w/ a jackson case. the jackson USA SLS soloist with a stop bar tail and an exquisite flame blue top. i need some opinions on wether it would be a good swap for my DBK? i have a VBK, RG620x, RG570gn...
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    This is a thread to list a few bands/artists that you listen, that aren't usually of topic on this forum. Share your tastes. I'll start it off with Jeff Buckley Damien Rice Bootsy Collins DJ Shadow Squarepusher Daft Punk Anyone else listen to these guys? (Anyone else get the feeling TwoHands...
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    hey guys i been trying to copy a steve vai - "die to live" tone on my guitar and my gt6 i did a quick run through here http://members.dodo.com.au/jjer/jimmy_-_die_to_live.mp3 im not going for musical accuracy (as you can tell) but more to copy stevie vai`s tone, what do you think? i thing the...
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    I would like to know where jems are manufactured, anybody help?
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    Of these 7 guitar players.....who is best in your opinion, and why??? Please vote!!! Please NO answers like "there all so different, you can't compare" ... SURE YOU CAN!! Who do you like best??, there is your answer.
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    I've searched through this site to find this topic (cause I honestly think it's been discused before) but I could not find it, so I ask THE qestion to all: What is the best guitar solo in history, according to you, and who played it?
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    Greetings folks, Steve Vai here. I have to say that I'm embarrased that this is my first time visiting the Jemsite. I'm stunned at the dedication and passion that you all have for the stuff on this site. I really enjoy it myself and feel as if I just discovered a little treasure. Reading...
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    The PMC is my second favorite swirl of all the Jems so far, and I've found that except for a select few, most of them seem pretty drab and not very inspired.. to me, that is. I've taken a look at Herc's PMCs and they seem a lot more vibrant in terms of color and more impressive. Do not get me...
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    im having this debate at another forum where I post and just wondering if anyone besides me thinks this way? heres the other forum. http://www.antsmarching.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12911
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    Here are some pics of the new boxset. Mine arrived in the mail today.