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strat relic
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    Don't know why but the other week had a hankering for a strat, I've not had one since my first guitar many, many years ago. So I snapped up some ugly brown thing off **** for 80 quid & thought I would have a go at this relic lark. Refinished in Manchester guitar tech (reranch rebranded?) Sea...
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    I am relicing a strat and need some advice on getting the finish fof of this MIM standard strat thanks Andy
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    Hey All, I'm new here. I've had a lot of Strats over the years. My three current guitars are a '82 Fullerton '57 reissue, a 1996 50th American Std., and a 2006 Classic Player. Twang, Billy
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    Firstly If you're here to hate on relics then what the hell are you doing in a thread with relic in the tittle? If you dislike them so much then I don't understand why you read threads about them? Ibanezcollector makes some nice relic jobs to Strats and he always makes a realy good thread about...
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    OK I have been commissioned to do a "inspired by John Mayer" Relic from a customer. He loves the look of Johns Custom Shop Fender relic but wanted a few twists. Alder body Maple Neck/Rosewood Fretboard Vintage Nickel Hardware through out versus the gold Single ply White pickguard versus the...
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    Well another relic done and in the books Shes pretty.. Just got done with another one this afternoon.. Man this baby has got some soul to it.. Since I moved to bass I havent posted a whole lot here. I sorta miss you guys :) hahaha I still am chucking away at bass, and still doing the relicing...
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    I am addicted to learning the art of relicing.. believe it or not its a wonderful artistic stress reliever for me.. I know most of ya hate it, but so what im going to show ya anyways your my family :) based of a guitar john mayer has been playing recently.. with a little SRV thrown in for good...
1-8 of 8 Results