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    A friend of mine did a "RG2228 REPLICA" from scratch! See video and pics here! Yep. If you don't know, the new RG2228 isn't available here in Brazil just yet. So, a friend of mine, LUCIANO MARCIANI did his own Custom RG2228 REPLICA! He is not a luthier,but knows exactly what he's doing!!! The...
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    Hey guys would a charvel 6 string fixed bridge fit on an rg321 body? Thanks!
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    Here is the info on the first new JS in a while - Premium Silver finish JS Prestige neck Mahogany body Fixed bridge 6105 frets PAF Pro and Fred Price -tbd link to catalog page - http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k158/acoustic1991/?action=view&current=cid_00c901c84e4b6b14ad106400a8c0Fro.jpg Josh
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    Hi all. My first post here, as I am picking up a '99 RG7621 later today. My first journey into the world of 7-strings :-) (But my 3rd RG...) The last couple of days (while searching the net) I've noticed a lot of people having a hard time distinguishing the 7621 from the 7421 and vice versa...
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    I got a used Ibanez RG7321.Its in pretty great condition id give it 8.5 out of 10.Fixed bridges are not really my thing i prefer trems thats why im selling it.Ive done some mods to it to set it apart...I painted the tuner keys white,added white bobbin toppers,replaced the plastic washers on the...
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    Yay, it's here! But first, back a few weeks. I decided to enter the Jemsite competition mostly because I had some cash laying on my PayPal account, and thought that a 1/25 chance is just good enough to give it a shot. During the couple of weeks of waiting before the winner was decided, I...
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    Looking to mod my 7 string fixed bridge Ibanez and want to start with a maple fingerboard and refret. Thanks
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    check out the snipet of an article from ultimate guitar. i know a lot of you dont like korn but.... owell. What sort of guitars do you take out on the road with you? For this tour we're doing right now, I have about ten Ibanez seven string guitars with me. For instance at the moment we're...
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    Has anyone got the new Roadrunner United album? In the album booklet there is a pic of Dino holding an 8 string guitar, which looks like an Ibanez, and I'm guessing it is since he never plays anything else. Has anyone heard anything about this? I know on the dvd of the makin of this album he...
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    The Blackmachine 8 has finally made it to production. Not to downplay Jeremy's excellent Leviiiathan of course, but these things look equally awesome! Some info from their site www.blackmachine.co.uk Neck Honduras Rosewood. Grain aligned with Ebony fillets Single action aluminum box section...
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    Item for sale: Ibanez RG7321 blk Description & Condition: very nice guitar 7 string fixed bridge not mint but not all that abused neck is mint body has light swirl marks front and back and a paint chip repair thats on the back other than that plays perfect and looks great Asking Price: *DO NOT...
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    Item for sale: ibanez curly maple custom body Description & Condition: was never able to identify this body it had a edge orginal trem and rg770 neck strat style neck pocket not the AANJ it is solid curly maple not front and back but completely solid awsome tone exact petrucci style config will...
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    hello ppl. I'm just curious. Is the size of a typical 6-string RG the same as a 7-string RG?
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    Hello all & welcome. Any new, regular or returning member can feel free to introduce themselves here :) .. glen related threads: * Jemsite Users Nicknames (usernames) - just curious.. * New members: Locations please!
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    LGM LEVIATHAN official release and pricing..Update, Jan 2 2005 Ok guys, here is what a lot of you have been waiting for. The official release of the Leviathan guitars. First some info on the guitars. Standard info to all models: Alder body Maple neck 24 fret Gotoh tuners choice of Rosewood...
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    I wonder what model is this? kinda looks like js. But i have never seen it doublenecked. It's on sale at german ebay.
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    Well, I'm looking for a fixed bridge 7 string axe. I'm considering the RG 7321, but I understand it has crap pickups. I also don't know about the construction and hardware quality... Has anyone ever had one of these guitars? Is it nice or total crap??
  18. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    I'm in the process of getting all the parts for my first 8-string guitar. :twisted: I just bought a neck, but now I need help on the body, the bridge, & a nut. Can anyone offer there services on fabricating these items? I do have plans drawn up, but I need help turning it into a reality...
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    I just copped a 1999 RG-7621 via the 'bay. It's black with black h/ware. I want to change the bridge out for a chrome bridge. Does anyone know if the Warmoth 7-string bridge fits the RG-7621? I can't find the bridge specs for the RG-7621 so I don't know what I need to look for in a replacement...
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    i havent had a chance to see the guitar in real, so i was just wondering if the royal blue finish had sparkles in it or it was really shiny... i saw some pitures online but you know what they're like compared to the real thing..
1-20 of 24 Results