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    Around 1.15pm I hear the doorbell go, my dad's in so I amble down the stairs and I can see through my window the Parcelforce van is already starting to reverse out of my road. I'm presented with a box, which I waddle back upstairs with, and get out my camera (as I haven't had a picstory for a...
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    Sup ya'll thinkin' of goin' into the 7 string realm, but have a couple of questions. If someone knows what I'm wondering and could post it would be a big help. Are the necks of the 7 strings always thicker than the prestige wizard necks? I have a RG550dx from like 92 and I know there's...
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    IMPORTANT NOTE - Patrick Sims NO RELATION to Martin Sims the builder of Vai's LED guitar The two just share a same background of guitar custom work and the same last name. Swirled this today to ultimately sell. I really like the colors, but not sure if the swirl is good enough. So my question...
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    Man, hope this isn't old news, but one cool guitar, http://www.ibanez87.it/italiano/altre-ibanez/rg-8.aspx Beauty, ain't she :D ? [I got the link from another forum]
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    Hi there, Lately I've been very interested in the two hand tapping or "touch" style of playing. I came across an Adam Falura video and was intrigued by his guitar. Its a double-neck guitar made by the REK company of Germany. What makes it different is that instead of either having a very fat...
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    i'm getting a new guitar pretty soon and i dont know if i should go with 6 or seven... i'm finding that the options for 7's are limited whereas 6's are cooler looking and easier to find
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    So today is the first day of NAMM over in Cali. I didn't get to go but i was wondering if anyone knows if there are any new jems? I am going to be buying one soon and don't want to buy a 7v to find out there is something cool thats out soon. Feedback greatly appreciated guys! Thanks
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    I noticed when looking through the Ibanez website specs for an RG1527, that the neck is an Ultra7. Any ideas on this? I know it's more like a wizardII then a thin neck but if anyone that owns this guitar can gimmie a little more info, i'd be a happy bunny ;)
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    There has been so many seven string's made & I had ago on a couple dudes. Now my question is: What the smallest neck dimenshions on an Ibanez 7 srting? Is it the Vai? Is it the others? The one I'm thinking of getting is the 1527 because I think that's got the thinest neck.Am I right? Could you...
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    Pics here: http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/[email protected]/album?.dir=/a823&.src=ph Probably the biggest project I've done as I built everything, including winding my own pickups. I am really, really happy with this one. Specs: 3 piece Zebrano/ebony body with oiled finish, Rock...
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    Hey guys, Right now i have this year's rg1527. And im looking to buy a new guitar, but i have some very specfic details im looking for. they are: 7 strings Baritone Trem or no trem is fine Reverse headstock Body and neck bindings...
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    Maybe its just me, but when i went to the local store to try the new ibanez shippment, and after A/B testing some 2005 guitars with 2002 ones, i came up to the conclusion that the new models felt lifless to me, they didnt have enough soul as the old ones. those 5 pieces are eating up a lot from...
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    Hei! Is there anyone out there who has done a completely A/B test with those two guitars? And forget about the piezo. Give me your opinions regards Tony
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    Hi all. I just picked up my first 7 (an RG7420 I got cheap). The serial number starts with F99, so it's a '99 7620 neck and the guitar was (probably) made in 2000 (since the RG7420 was only made from 2000 to 2002). Anyway, it's one-piece maple with a scarf joint, but no bubinga stripe. This...
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    I am brand new to jemsite.com and thought I would add my two cents worth... Arriving on my doorstep (and on my birthday!!!) today, FedEX delivered my brand new UV777 guitar. When I came to, I thanked GOD that it was NOT a dream... Looking forward to the future on jemsite.com! Cheeers!
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    How much would an Ibanez 7-String neck go for.. say from EKG? And can LGM make them too? aaand.. is there any other place you know of that can make one? Thanks! ~Mike
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    has anyone noticed that the one piece maple necks on rg7 strings is alittle thicker and in my opinion a nicer neck than the thinner 3 piece necks with the bubinga stripe down the center?? i think the 3 piece is to thin its becomes uncomfortable but the 1 piece without the stripe is thin but has...
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    Hi everyone! I've been lurking long enough, so I figured it was about time to register. :) Anyway, I'd like to know about EKG, and LGM guitars. I've emailed both about having a Jem done, and would like to here some opinions. From what I've seen on their sites, they both do awesome work. I've...
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    I recently wrote a post about whether anyone knew if Warmoth's two Floyd Rose routings would fit the Edge or LoPro Edge. The consensus seemed to be no ... So I emailed Warmoth asking them if they'd consider programming their CNC to do it. I even sent them Ibanez's specs. Here's their reply ...
21-40 of 64 Results