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string sustainer
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    i haven't been able to find one, but do they exist?
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    Must be in perfect working order other wise I'm not interested. Please reply to this post if you are interested in selling a Fernandes 7 String Sustainer Pickup (Neck). Thanks for everyone's time. P-
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    i just bought this ibanez used and just wanted to noe what model it is what wood type the body is made of and what is the price if it was new the guitar has regular 6 in a row black headstock with string sustainer and tuners facing up RG series Black no pick guard H-S-H v7 at neck s1 in...
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    First off a BIG hi too all !!! I have an Ibanez RG1527. Just wanted to know where I can find a Sustainer pickup for 7 string guitars. I know Vai uses em. Can someone direct me to where I can get it from, manufacturer, model no. etc ? Any idea if these Pups easy to install ? Thanks
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    In my guitar class today we were watching the G3 video and when Vai started playing his tripple neck i fell in love with the fretless neck on it. I was talking to my teacher and he thinks i could make one. I'm going to get a cheap guitar and try it on that. I'm going to defret it and put a...
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    Has anyone seen a 7 String Sustainer available on the market? The Fernandes website tells me nothing. Even tho they show the Revolver Pro 7 with a Sustainer they don't list the pick up by itself.......unless I'm missing something. And they have not answered my email.
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    Hello everyone. I'm getting really frustrated here. I have a fernandes Revolver Pro 7, which has 7 strings and a Fernandes sustainer. Now I'm planning on having a new guitar custom built and i want it to be a 7 string guitar with a sustainer. I don't want to take the sustainer out of my...
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    Hey everyone, Recently I've been swamped with requests to build JEM guitars. Many of these requests are for replica's of existing JEM's. To build a JEM is more expensive than to just buy a production guitar. I can't build a guitar and sell it for what Ibanez can, it's just not possible, not...
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    So I am flying into UK from Australia for a couple of weeks anyone up for a Jemfest style weekend on drunken debauchery? oh and some guitar stuff :) 11-13 March perhaps? Friday-guitar shops and beers at the Intrepid Fox Saturday-Jam at someone's house (or rehearsal studio?) with beer out for...
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    Found this link on vai message board. Someone mentioned de sustainer kit. But way more interesting is the red fernandes seven string on that page... It has a sustainer in it 8O Never new those existed! http://www.musicland.co.jp/tokka/ikebukuro/~goods/sus.html
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    I have a similar thread in the "Other Ibanez" forum, but this is for my 7-string version, and has more to it. Both projects are not going to be done any time soon by any means, in fact it'll probably be over the course of a year or two, but I want some advice before continuing so I know what...
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    im building a custom 7 and i want to go with a emg 81-7 and 2 single coils but i cant seem to find anyone that make these . any help would be great . ive read about bartiline and lungreg no sure how these are spelled or pronounced . who makes active single coil 7 srting pickups please help...
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    I have my UV777bk since november 2001. Quite happy with it...fine. But I've never liked the neck PUs sound. Dont flame me, but I just dont get it. So I have been dreaming about this thing for some time. I'd like to place a sustainer at neck. I tried to look around. But there's no seven string...
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    ok, we talked about how we got hooked on Ibanez guitars, so how many do you own now and what are they? 1990 RG550 1993 RT650 2001 JS100 I wish I own a JEM77GMC though.
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    I've had the 1077XL for about a year now, and I'm really thinking of modding it... Adding a Sustainer will make this guitar one killer axe... But I'm afraid to have holes drilled into it, and such, because it's still a beaut to me, I can't bear to risk any damage. Here's what I wanna do: Neck...
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    OK as some will know I am uncertain about buying guitars I never like the whole guitar there's always something that's not right. I'd like a PG but wouldn't really want to live without the trem. so I'd like a RG3120 but feel I should sell my 550 and possibly 520 so I don't have too many guitars...
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    With the dropping of the Floral JEM from the US market & nothing really new in JEMs in quite some time, where do loyal Ibanez fans think they will be going with them in the next 5 years? It's odd to me that they have not capitalized on their own retro move & brought back different models from...
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