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  1. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    I've done a review on the Peterson iStrobosoft iPhone app. Review on Jemsite shopping section: http://www.jemsite.com/compare-software-recording/Peterson-Tuners-iStrobosoft/ and my blog: http://lonephantom.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/peterson-istrobosoft-strobe-tuner-iphone-app-review/
  2. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hi people, need a new metronome. What do you recommend....what do you guys use? Thanks :D
  3. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Mint condition except for some velcro on the back. $155 pay-pal'd and shipped to the Con US. The Peterson StroboStomp2 Virtual Strobe Pedal Tuner is the successor to the original StroboStomp and one of the most accurate musical instrument tuner pedals on the market. It features 100% True Bypass...
  4. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Hi guys, Is the tuner on a Line6 PodXT or a Vetta good enough to be used for intonation adjustment or will it throw me off?
  5. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    are the cheap 20$ guitar tuners that tune to A440 just as good as the 70$ dollar guitar tuners that are like pedals ?
  6. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    hello, I'd like to offer a tuner to my brother who's take bass lessons. I may buy a tuner for myself too as it can be pretty handy. Right now I have a Boss TU-80. I read on a few websites that Peterson was manufacturing very good "strobe" tuners. what are they? which one would you recommend...
  7. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Hey folks, Just a little thought concerning intonation - I'd like advice please if you have any. The intonation on the high E on my two-year-old 2550 is a little out. The only other guitar I've ever adjusted intonation on is my Strat, which is a 22-fretter. The method I use is typical fayre...
  8. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Let's throw around some guitar-related Christmas gift ideas. I need some help. My little brother, although 16 years younger than I am, began playing guitar much earlier in life than I did and he is WAY more skilled than I am. My family does gifts this way: each family member gets ONE other...
  9. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    That's right. Actually it's in the True Temperament shop right now. I will recieve it on monday! It's a -88 JEM7RB, the pickguard will be changed to a KICKASS piece of rosewood with true temperament-frets and abalone dot-inlays. Aaah, I can barely wait! Why have I done this? Well, first of...
  10. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    in this month's Guitar One. I did several double-takes looking at the pics, but on the CD in this months GO Vai says he will be fitting all of his guitars with this system. Here is the link: http://www.truetemperament.com/main.php?go=23&lan=1
  11. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    boss DS1, Ds2,DD6x2, Peterson strobe tuner, mxr phase 90 EVH morley bad horsie, morley little aligator, digitech whammy and ibanez tube screamer.
  12. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I have a Peterson Strobostomp that I'd like sell or trade. I'll take $150 for it outright (price includes shipping and paypal fees) or trade (plus or minus cash) for a Diamond Compressor, an AYA compressor or a Demeter Compressor. I bought this pedal new 6 months ago and I'm anal about how I...
  13. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Have any of you had any experience with Peterson strobe tuners? If so, which one/ones and are there noticeable differences in acuracy between models? Be well and brush your teeth Mikael
  14. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Does anyone have any sites or pictures of Dave Gilmour's guitar collection? I have never seen it and am very interested in seeing his vast collection.thanks in advance.
  15. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    I am not sure if this is a good place to ask but I would like to learn the ins and outs of guitar set up rather then paying someone to do it for me. I have a 6 string JPMM and had it set up at EB before it was sent to me. That was about a year ago. It is now starting to have serious tuning...
  16. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I bought the software for the Peterson Strobe tuner Deluxe version and it is way more than I could possibly ever need. I plan on un-installing the software, but I still have two downloads from the website left. The whole package cost me $90. I will sell it for $50 OBO. Shoot me a PM if...
  17. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Well just cleaning some house so here we go.. Ill price this stuff to move.. Pickups: Ibanez AH1 and AH2 7 String set. One side Painted White, in good shape have a couple scratches from normal playing.. PLENTY OF LEAD.. $12 shipped. Tuner: Planet Waves Strobe Tuner. This is a awesome little...
  18. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Letting this one go. Maple fingerboard, neck-through, maple top, floyd rose, Sperzel locking tuners, and here's the deal of the century - you have a choice of DiMarzio pickups when buying it. For neck I have AirNorton and PAF Pro, for bridge I have Evolution and ToneZone. I'll install your...
  19. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Ive always read that when you do your intonation you do open string to 12 fret octave(harmonic). Ive done this on a strobe tuner but my b string on the 7th fret is always out. On many guitars why is this? what am i doing wrong? Ive read that the b string should always be your starting point...
1-20 of 63 Results