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sustainiac stealth plus

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    I want to install a sustainer system on my RG2250EX it has a pickguard, i'm thinking on the fernandes fsk-101 sustainer (humbucker format), it is $80 cheaper than sustainiac stealth plus. I want to know if any of you has one installed in his guitar, i've seen pics of the sustainiac beeing...
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    :D here are the pics of my collection. Nice family. Ltd Ec-400, Ibanez Rg570, Ibanez Universe(2003), Parker p-38, and custom strat allparts neck and custom body made by myself. But one mising in this picture above. A burnt stained blue acoustic painted by myself :lol: And for those...
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    just wonderin whot guitars you dudes have got here is pics of mine http://photobucket.com/albums/v355/?action=view&current=vaiconcert061.jpg les paul std ltd edition sweet 8)
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    Here's what I'm considering doing, and I want to know if it's possible, and how much it would cost (this is a semi-long-term goal): RG-321MH (have on at a local shop, not sure of price, looks great though :D) And add these mods: Piezo bridge Synth access (through bridge?? or Roland GK-2A...
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    Hey there. Im seriously thinking about putting a sustainer in my JEM555. My question is... Is it possible to use only the inside half of the neck evo pickup, with the other part removed? Because I really dont want to lose my bluesy Tender Surrender tone:D I dont care about the entire humbucker...
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    Does anybody here have first hand experience with the Sustainiac. How does it compare to a Fernandes Sustainer. Has anyone installed the kit by htemselves, other than routing, how complicated is installation. Thank you
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    ok, we talked about how we got hooked on Ibanez guitars, so how many do you own now and what are they? 1990 RG550 1993 RT650 2001 JS100 I wish I own a JEM77GMC though.
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    I've had the 1077XL for about a year now, and I'm really thinking of modding it... Adding a Sustainer will make this guitar one killer axe... But I'm afraid to have holes drilled into it, and such, because it's still a beaut to me, I can't bear to risk any damage. Here's what I wanna do: Neck...
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    I want to put a Fernandes sustainer on my old Jem.  2 Questions for ya'll. 1)What do you think about this idea? 2)How the heck does that thing work?  :)
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    Whats the difference getting a tone from a sustainer or an Ebow? What sustainer uses Vai, where in Germany is it available and what are the costs ? Many questions, no answers. :confused:
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    just wanted to see what everyone has I know alot of you jemsiters have 10+ guitars. Mine will be posted as soon as my musicman gets done being painted and my Ibanez RG shows up. I have 5 Guitars On Its Way --->Ibanez Rg570FT Thanks Again Kirk Kramer Striker Heavily Modified Fender Strat Full...
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    The Customer is Always Right [Rant on] Out of NAMM came the realization that the RG2027 7-string w/ double edge is no longer being stocked or produced. What we didn't understand is the reason. Still unanswered is if we can handle the truth... as the news is not good. The discontinuation of...