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    Hi All, I have a 2005 Artcore AS83 which has the ACH-1 and ACH-2 pickups in it. I admit that I thought they sounded a bit harsh at first, but then I realized how good they sound (IMO) for playing classic rock... so I have decided I like them. I still keep toying with the idea of doing a coil...
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    Hello my friends! I have a question regarding 2 delay pedals (mine are DD7 and DD5) and would like to get anyone's experience on syncing them up using a single tap tempo. Reading online, I see some people say using a Y splitter actually had their pedal timings drift part after some time. I...
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    Hello again.. I have been working on a custom diagram.. Thanks to bancika who designed the diagram for me ( I just altered it to draw it with colours) Now, I want to add a P/P to make coil splits like shown below: Any ideas to make this ? Thanks a lot :)