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    Hi, I have always wanted an Orange Tiny Terror Amp and since its on sale on boxing day. I have decided to make the purchase. I currently own a Fender Vibro Champ XD, and I don't really want to dish out extra cash for a cab since I am buying a les paul classic the same day. I was wondering if i...
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    I stopped by the local GC yesterday -a bass player I work with is a manager there - and he sold me a floor model Orange Micro Terror that they had for a few weeks. They sold all the boxed ones, which is fine with me, I got a deal. I then took it to a recording session I did yesterday where I...
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    hey, i recently bought an orange tiny terror amp and i play it through a bugera vintage 2x12. i tried it with my boss me 25 and it sounded like crap,it was noisy and fizzy and just not good. so i was wondering if therea are any affordable delay and overdrive pedals out there that would get good...
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    hey, i got my new tiny terror head and a bugera 2x12 cab today and i was wondering if i have it set up correctly. the tiny terror has 3 inputs, 2-8 ohms and one 16 ohm. the bugera cab has one 4 ohm and one 16 ohm, am i correct to conect them using the 16 ohm on the terror and the 16 on the cab?
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    hey, i have been posting lately regarding my mental quarell about wether to keep my new marshall MA or get a bugera 1990, well this is solved seeing as tomorrow im trading in my MA for a orange tiny terror.....what do you guys think?
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    So, i've had the flu and with not really much to do I decided to make a reasonably lengthed video (sans talking!) demonstrating the tone control of the Orange Tiny Terror for anyone interested in buying one! I'm sure if anyone IS interested in getting one, they have seen all the good videos out...
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    So...I ran into a buddy of mine in another band earlier last week and he tells me he wants to sell me his Tiny Terror for a scant $350. Score right? Well, I said I'd sit on it, and he hits me up today and said the music store I used to work at offered him $250 and he'd rather sell it to me for...
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    Hi all, I'm getting a new small tube amp, i'm at the middle of the cross junction, don't know which way to go..... 1. Blackstar HT-5 2. Orange Tiny Terro 3. Blackheart Little Giant 4. Peavet Windsor i like led zep, ac/dc, guns' n roses kinda stuff, please enlighten me.
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    Hello all, here for sale is my little Orange Tiny Terror that I got not too long ago. Had maybe a total playtime of 5-10 hours max and unfortunately while many players prefer the tone of Orange, I am one of those who need something different. This little guy packs a hell of a punch for being a...
1-9 of 9 Results