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    Howdy, I bought a JEM7V used and am loving it. I have a question about the trem arm bushings. I like my arm pretty tight and the one I bought spins rapidly in circles. I looked around the various forums and discovered that the little bushings tend to wear out quickly. I went to Ibanezrules.com...
  2. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    when i turn the whammy bar on my friends rg565 it makes yukky scratching noises, if i loosen the screw on the other end of the arm holder, the noise disappears but the bar becomes loose and undesireable, what can i do to fix this, i am sure it has to do with the spring. thanks ps i am also...
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    I am looking for a trem arm for a Schaller Floyd Rose trem, need one with the threaded collar - color is unimportant. I will also sell the arms for $5 a piece, plus shipping. I have three arms: 1. Edge trem arm (black) 2. Original Floyd trem arm (chrome) 3. Odd strat sized trem arm - the...
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    Item for sale:Dead mint 1998 RG7620 in royal blue with black hardware. Lo Pro 7 bridge and original brass bottom DiMarzio Blazes Description & Condition:Mint condition-only 1 very small chip on body edge that can't be photographed-about 2 mm long. No scratches, dings or any hardware oxidation...
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    I desperately need a set of these, can anybody help? [email protected]
  6. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Hey! I'm new here! I really need advice or opinion. i'm planning to buy a 7-string and i'm really on a budget. I can't decide if i'm gonna get a RG1527 ($799) or an ESP-ltd M207($899, only $399 at Samash). I'm in the Philippines so i can not really test these guitars before buying. these guitars...
  7. Archived Topics and Common Questions
    Often people are unaware what is included with the new JEM/UV (or other Ibanez guitar) you just purchased new from a dealer. The stuff below is included when you order in the USA from an authorized dealer. Ibanez Tools and Accessories Warranty Card and Other Accessories
1-7 of 7 Results