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triple neck heart guitar

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    Hey everyone; long-time lurker, first-time poster. Anyways, I recently picked up this guitar which I was told was a 1991 LA custom shop Starfield Cabriolet. I've wanted a Starfield since I was young so I jumped on it. Its a killer guitar and plays and sounds awesome. The back of the neck does...
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    it seems someone is selling the triple neck heart guitar on evil bay- 150233944070 Hmmm could it be fake?
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    just to clarify the warning, is it literal i.e if i post a direct click on link to an auction www.notanibanezauction.com or if i mention an auction number i.e on evil bay number 666666666 . i can appreciate the link being booted ,but is it a ban for mentioning an auction number i should have...
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    Has anyone ever made or bought an electric guitar that was different to the normal Jem/Universe design. If you have a unique guitar then please post pictures.
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    what the title suggests, this is old but crazy i think its weird seeing vai without a jem
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    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has info on what Mace Bailey became ? I'm sure if this is the right place to post but I said to myself it should considering he made the LNGs become real as well as many Vai's guitar (remember the triple neck heart guitar). Thanks.
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    At the time of this writing Ibanez has sold 45,160 Jem guitars since the initial release of this ground-breaking instrument in 1987. Steve and Ibanez plan to do something special to mark 50,000 Jems sold. We'd love to hear your suggestions about how we can mark this important milestone in the...
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    wow could u imaigne how to store and play that five neck guitar the guy from cheap trick uses.Crazy stuff anyway i hope this is the right stuff to post this one.