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truss rod cover

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    Hi everyone! Found a decent deal on a JEM JR which I picked up, it was missing a truss cover so they knocked it down a decent amount. As with probably everyone else who gets a JR I got it as a project guitar haha. Going to eventually upgrade everything but as it doesnt have a truss cover thats...
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    Hey guys I just got a new project JEM guitar from Mai-Guitars and I'm missing some parts before I put it together. I need these parts if anyone wants to offer them I'll match your price. Truss rod cover. Black locking nut (the type that screws in from the back of the neck) Trem Bar for...
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    What do you think of the RG Premium style truss rod cover? (See: ibanezrules.com/namm/images/2011/379.JPG)
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    Hi all, I'm looking for a cream colored truss rod cover or the dimension of a truss rod cover for an Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM500. I have mine for sale and that was all that is holding back a potential buyer so I figure I'll do the leg work for him and just get it sorted before shipping it as a...
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    Hey All, I just bought an MTM2 on ****. The guy I bought it from lost the original Truss rod cover. I know I can get a generic or custom one a bunch of places, but i'd really like to get the cover with SEVEN on it. Contact me if you've got an extra one or know where to get one. Thanks! MTM2-live
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    For a while people have been telling me to take pictures OUTSIDE to get nice sunlight and make the guitars look their best but I never got a chance to do it until today. So without further ado, I present my 2 babies. Also, please dont quote this post cuz itll be huge. Thanks!
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    I'm the proud owner of the Ibanez Universe UV7BK #259248 ('96, right?). I talked about her previously. I had a previous experience with a 7-string guitar, and I didn't like it at all. But with this babe the things are different, she plays sweet... so comfortable... almost the same feel of a 6...
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    In need of tuners, lock nut, truss rod cover... that little bar the strings go under (tree?) screws as well. Also need Edge trem posts, well one for sure. Also Electronics cavity cover for rg570. LMK. I'm in Canada. I use paypal. :) Gracias, Pat
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    This came off a 1990 Ibanez RG 550 neck. Neck is straight and das lots of life left on the frets. Has a few small nicks in the back but overall very nice. Has what looks to be a small metal thread sticking up out of the back of the headstock like someones screw twisted off...shown in...
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    Just wondering if there are any Carvin fans in here? I think they make some of the best quality guitars and especially necks around. To this day my Bolt Plus guitar has the best playing/feeling neck i`ve ever seen. Any love for Carvin?
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    Woohoo! Didn't think I'd get it but I'm totally stoked!!! Gots an RG550 coming this week. Thinking of putting on a blue pickguard, plates, truss rod cover, knobs and pups. Time to butter up the wife with gifts. :) 'stah
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    I've wanted to do this for a while and show you my new guitar, got it about a month ago and can't stop playing it. It was my 28th birthday in March and allot of things were going on at the same time and I knew I was gonna have a crappy birthday so I decide to treat myself. When the RG20th came...
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    I didnt specify because this is one amazing RG. Let me tell you about it. I bought a bunch of Ibanez parts and assembled this guitar to my liking, because I thought it would be cool. I spent way to much on it and I need to sell it so I can buy a new amp or something. This is what it has: Ibanez...
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    For Sale- Original Ibanez Jem neck, Ibanez parts, and non-Ibanez Jem replacement body (Sold as a package): Ibanez Jem 7VWh Neck: Please read carefully: This is an original Ibanez jem neck. Originally bought from [email protected] Rules. In good shape, frets are lightly worn. This neck was never...
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    If you know me, you know that I can't leave things well enough alone, so I tend to mod them to be more to my liking, and to be a little more unique to me. Here are some pics of my fairly new 07 M-II and also some of my 08 American Fender Strat. The M-II originally came with two EMG 81...
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    I know it's to a Jem what the JS100 is to the JS1000. But is it a complete waste of money at any price?
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    Selling most of my collection, GAS got the best of me lately, keep in mind I keep my gear pristine! Wiped down after every use, and set up every few months/new strings. -Ibanez 1991 RG 570 In Cherry Sunburst Flamed Maple! Rare finish, few minor pick scratches on the body, typical neck pocket...
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    Does anyone know where to find a good selection of truss rod covers for jems/rgs? I need bright yellow.Ive trid evilbay but the selection sucks.
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    hey guys! I got a rg320dxqm, black and grey. ive bought a black mirror pickguard for it, ive already put a x2n in the bridge. the x2n is black, and i would like it to be yellow, but im not going to buy another one. I want to get yellow knobs and switch, and ive painted the truss rod cover...