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truss rod covers
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    found a guy on ebay who makes custom engraved truss rod covers for the current ibanezs' without the string retainer. It was $14.99 + shipping and the amazing thing is I got in 3 days!! the only thing wrong with it is the bottom of the cover isn't angled like the stock covers, but i took a nail...
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    Just wondering if there are any Carvin fans in here? I think they make some of the best quality guitars and especially necks around. To this day my Bolt Plus guitar has the best playing/feeling neck i`ve ever seen. Any love for Carvin?
  3. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Does anyone know where to find a good selection of truss rod covers for jems/rgs? I need bright yellow.Ive trid evilbay but the selection sucks.
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    I've had this in another listing and have decided to relist it in trade for an IBZ 550 road flare red. Original or preferably the Anniversary w/case. I'm willing to throw several pieces from the list below, & possibly some $$ to sweeten the deal if need be. Trade list: 1)- Ibanez RG550 DY...
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    I noticed Herman Li (dodges flames* doesn't have his truss rod plate cover on his guitar. I am wondering how many people do this. I took mine off because it was kinda annoying when I was adjusting the truss rod...
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    I have these listed on the "Jems" section as well. I'm looking to trade these 2 for a "players condition" Jem or Universe. I'm looking for any Jem except 555's, DBK, VBK, or DY. I already have each of those. And any Universe. Preferably a players PWH! But will consider any other. Would...
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    This is a long shot, but I'm looking to trade my IBZ 7 (japan) and '90 Ibz RG550 DY to another Jem or Universe. Preferably in good to great "player's condition". I'm not looking for a case queen! It's gonna go on the road with me this summer. I'm looking for any Jem except 555's, DBK, VBK, or...
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    I need a control cavity, tremolo spring, and truss rod covers with screws for a 540P. Thanks. --Jason
  9. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    I have to recommend the work of an engraver named William Larson of the FSR Custom Shop, who offers his services on the bay, making custom neckplates. I wanted one last piece for my RG-IDOL, a guitar I built from parts a couple of years ago and which is now my main axe, despite a lot of lonely...
  10. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Hey everybody, as some of you may know I designed a guitar......now I'm down to the very last thing, the headstock logo. I think the having the right headstock logo is very important (at least to me) I have looked looked and looked and just can't seem to find that PERFECT one.....I swear, I've...
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    Unfortunately it has come to a time that i'm going to have to sell a beloved guitar, and it has to be the one that is worth the most. Its possibly the best universe you'll ever see of the current style. It has: A brand "spanking" New neck A brand "spanking" New Lo-Pro Trem and Locking Nut...
  12. Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars
    Unfortunately it has come to a time that i'm going to have to sell a beloved guitar, and it has to be the one that is worth the most. My windows are falling out of my house and i've had a quote for £1800 and I just haven't got that sort of money kicking around.(boo hoo) So my prized Universe is...
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    Lo-pro. fabulous as always. Look at that neck joint MIK S owners! you want it.... you want it BAD
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    Where can I buy one, and can I install one on my JS, or any other FR equipped guitar? Thanks! smitty And please dont tell me to buy a JS2000, cuz I would if I could find one.
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    I am offering for sale my Jackson SL4, which I call an SL4-1H because it has been modified to a 1H configuration. This axe started life as a black SL4, but as you can see, it is now a 1H rocker with Red Ghost Flames finish and a direct-mount EMG, along with aluminum diamond plate trem...
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    Looking to sell or trade abunch of guitar stuff I have that I don't use anymore.. I don't really know what I want for pricing on most of it, so I will leave some blank.. just PM me and maybe we can work something out.. I will try putting price on ones I kinda know what to expect though...
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    J-Customs are undoubtedly amazing guitars, but I've often wondered why the don't feature trussrod covers... Can anyone give an explanation?
  18. Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk
    IMPORTANT NOTE - Patrick Sims NO RELATION to Martin Sims the builder of Vai's LED guitar The two just share a same background of guitar custom work and the same last name. Swirled this today to ultimately sell. I really like the colors, but not sure if the swirl is good enough. So my question...
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    RG550DYs seem to be very popular at the moment, and not many on the market either. You see the odd one on FleaBay, but not many at all. There are a whole bunch of people who seem to want one too, myself included. How come they don't sell for muchos money when they do come up for sale??
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    This guitar has a DiMarzio PAF in the neck, a Blaze in the middle, and an Evolution in the bridge position. The pickguard and truss rod covers are white pearloid. It looks stunning and sounds fantastic. I built and carefully fit a zebra wood block and mounted a string thru body solid Warmouth...
1-20 of 41 Results